Branding Visioneer, Kim Castle Speaks on New Paradigm Branding

TV Host, Speaker, Author and Brand Visioneer, Kim Castle spoke at the Enlightened Entrepreneur Summit about brilliant strategies to pump new life into small companies

We talked about how business, marketing and doing business is changing and what we need to do to keep up.

I met Kim at the first Enlightened Entrepreneur Summit. She is so fun and full of live and her husband / partner Vito is such a nice guy.

We had talked about doing an interview and I dropped the ball as I got busy with other projects and blah blah blah… Anyway, I saw Kim in the hall after her talk and she yelled JW as I yelled Kim! a big hug ensued and she came over to do the interview you see here.

Great to see you and to catch you on video Kim, but I really want her back to pic her brilliance about setting a company apart and breathing new life into them with strategic marketing and branding. Thanks Kim- JW

Kim CastleKim Castle

Kim Castle, international speaker, columnist, TV host and Brand Visioneer, is a conscious business expert and leader in the pursuit of whole wealth movement. She is co-creator of Intention Products LLC and BrandU®, a process-based, results-driven approach to helping entrepreneurs grow business effectively from idea to brand to market. Kim has helped thousands of small business owners around the world translate their business ideas into marketable money-making brands with BrandU’s three-stage Business Profit System. She has worked with large brands including IBM, DirectTV, General Motors, Domino’s, Wolfgang Puck, Pedigree, Higher Octave Music, Hollywood Celebrity Diet, M&M’s, Disney Interactive, Paramount and many others. Her passion lies in empowering entrepreneurs to realize their big business potential with the power of extreme clarity.

Kim was born in Jacksonville, Fla., and grew up in Miami, Fla., where she attended North Miami High School. She earned degrees in Theater and Advertising from Florida State University and Circle on the Square, New York City.

Kim is seen onstage alongside marketing masters Mark Victor Hansen, T. Harv Eker, Wally Amos, Joe Sugarman, Jay Abraham and others. She is the co-author of Why BrandU®: Big Business Success No Matter Your Size, and the BrandU® Bible Workbook, It’s A BrandU® Day, and Every Day Counts. Kim was also nominated for the 2005 Los Angeles Business Journal Women Making a Difference Award.

Kim lives in Venice, Calif., with her husband and business partner, W. Vito Montone. They are co-creators of Intention Products LLC, Castle Montone, Ltd., and Why Communications. In January 2011 they will launch Interprise™ Business Academy, a proven business building curriculum combined with hands-on business guidance. Intention Products plans to distribute $50 million in BrandU® products and services to 10,000 small businesses across the nation through its $50 Million Micro-Business Subsidy. Intention Products is also offering free Conscious Business Development Kits featuring digital curriculum materials developed by BrandU®.


A lot of people come to BrandU after they were diasppointed by the hope and the hyped-up promises of other programs, only to discover that they didn’t get what they needed— real steps and real support to create a business that expresses what they want to bring to the world and one they and their family can rely on for life.

Another thing that makes it so often challenging today to get real business-building support is the all the information available to us today. It can easily be confusing and overwhelming. It’s hard to distingush one thing from another and even more difficult to determine what the right next step for you is when there’s so many different approaches to take.

We’ve simplified that for you by breaking the stages of growth that every business goes through starting from the very beginning to keep you aware of where you are at every moment during your business adventure. You can find out more about these stages in Getting Out of Overwhelm.

Fortunately you’re here now, because with BrandU you’ll find support to build your business foundation solidy from the start—even if you’re bringing years of experience with you.  We’ve spent over 6 years and nearly two million dollars developing our process-based results-driven programs along side entrepreneurs to make sure every step you take is tested and proven to deliver immediate, as well as long-lasting results that come from the power of extreme clarity.

In fact, across the board, that’s the comment we most often receive from people who have gone through our programs.  That’s why we call it clarity all the way to the bank™. You can find out more in Success Stories.

What fuels these often very fast results is the step-by-step, Integral processes that are woven through and through every program. No more wasting time or money by guessing. You have at your fingertips a definitive path all laid out in front of you broken down into easy-to-follow steps. It’s real business made real simple for creative entrepreneurs. You can see how each of the three program in the Business Profit System breaks down in Programs at a Glance.

In addition to breaking down business into steps that anyone can follow, even if you’ve never been in business before, we’ve also invested hours upon hours to substantiate all BrandU programs by incorporating into each program the power of an age-old science. Once you start applying this illuminating science to your business, every step you take becomes a game—one you’ll actually enjoy playing. You can learn more about it in The Science Behind Us.

Another comment we hear repeatedly from entrepreneurs who experience our programs is how whole each step is—not only practical knowledge but also in how we deliver them.  That’s because BrandU is an equal creation of both Kim Castle and W. Vito Montone.  In addition to bringing our 25+ years of experience of working on both sides of brand creation, we also bring two very opposite approaches and vastly different skill sets to the table.

Kim brings her gift of emotional communication and what it takes to connect at the heart of customers and keep them engaged.  You can discover more about Kim in The Insight of Kim Castle. Vito brings his left brain ability to structure and break anything down into easy-to-do accomplish-able steps as well as combining both holistic and liner forms into one whole experience.  You can discover more about Vito in The Genius of Vito Montone.

We realize it’s a big deal to decide to bring in support and guidance to help you create the business of your dreams. Not just financially but also emotionally. There’s no more time to waste.  In addition to our distinctly different approach to business creation is how we back up your results. That’s right, you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that you’ll be fully supported.  You can find out more about our promise in Our Guarantee.

In addition to our support of you, we believe an integral part of every business is the component of connecting to bigger impact, that’s why we are proud to support a variety of organizations and movements by giving back.  You can discover who we’re supporting now in Giving Back.

If you have a comment or a question that we haven’t addressed, please reach out to us and ask. That’s why BrandU was created. Simply click on Support and type away.  An answer will be on its way to you shortly.

Most all we acknowledge you for being here and your willingness to step up and into your power as an entrepreneur. We’re honored at the opportunity to support you.

We hope you enjoy getting to know us. Then it will be our turn to get to know you!

Learn more at and


enlightened entrepreneur summit maria simone

We want to thank Maria Simone and The Enlightened Entrepreneur Summit for allowing us to cover this incredible event. This is one of my favorite events every year… – JW

Why do you need to go? This is where you meet World-class business leaders, innovators, thought leaders, marketers, social media experts, market influencers, breakthrough specialists, and potential investors.
And they share their profitable cutting edge business practices as well as creating a space for inspired joint venture partnerships amongst the participants. Every attendee has the opportunity to contribute and shine during their facilitated networking sessions. The summit will help you figure out your plan, build your team and get funded by pitching to investors at the event.

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