NBA Finals tied 1-1

Dear Fans,

First of all I have to say this series that we are watching the Oklahoma City Thunder vs. the Miami Heat is one of the best NBA Finals match-ups that we will probably ever see. 

The series is tied up so far at 1 a piece. In the two games so far both teams have played really tough and Miami has come out strong at the beginning taking demanding leads. In game 1 Kevin Durant lead his team through a difficult come back and got the job done . The final score was 105-94 OKC.

Durant finished with 36 points while LeBron James finished with 30.  In game 2 of the NBA Finals Durant was no able to quite lead his team all the back from a difficult deficit in which the Heat came out on top 100-96.

Both James and Durant finished with 32 points. Now the series goes over to Miami for 3 straight games where the Heat have the opportunity to finish things out at home. It is going to be tough for the Thunder but i think they will be a-ok. ~ Bear


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