Matt Cain throws a Perfect Game

Last night was a very special night for Matt Cain


Matt Cain, starting pitcher for the San Francisco Giants and the sellout crowd of 42,298 fans cheering him on. Last night Cain made history throwing his first ever Perfect Game.

This was the only Perfect Game thrown in San Francisco’s history and just the 22’nd ever thrown Perfect Game. Cain pitched 125 pitches of pure greatness and struck out 14 batters a career high for himself.

There were two close plays that had Cain holding his breath. First was a deep fly ball in the sixth inning hit by Chris Synder in which right fielder Melky Cabrera chased it down and made a leaping catch at the wall.

Second was another deep fly ball hit by Jordan Schafer in the seventh which seemed absolutely impossible that right fielder Gregor Blanco was going to be able to make a play on that ball.

Well he did alright in extraordinarily fashion. He ran so far so fast and made an incredible diving catch to get the out and keep Cain’s hopes alive. After that play it was smooth sailing from there on out for Cain completing not only his first perfect game but the 1’st ever in the Giants franchise’s history. ~ Bear


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