20 Steps To Being A Pinterest Superstar

20 Steps To Being A Pinterest Superstar

Posted by: Tracey Lott Heitzman on May 24, 2012 15:32. Posted in Multifamily Insiders

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How to be a Pinterest SuperstarSome of you may have already jumped on the Pinterest band wagon and some of you may still be wondering what exactly it can do to help increase traffic to your communities.

The number one reason to use Pinterest is for the referral traffic – that is the percentage of Pinterest visitors who click on links to go to other sites, is far higher on Pinterest than other social media sites, according to Mashable.com.

As of March 2012 Pinterest was ranked as the #3 social media site, with 104 million visitors.  Here’s the ranking:

  1. Facebook: 7 billion
  2. Twitter: 182 million
  3. Pinterest: 104 million
  4. LinkedIn: 86 million
  5. Tagged: 72 million
  6. Google+: 61 million

If you haven’t already signed your community up for Pinterest, you will need an invite from a fellow member.  In signing up our communities, I invited them from my personal account and learned that it was easier to register them using our Twitter accounts.  When using Facebook to sign up, it kept wanting to use the administrator’s information— not the community’s page.

Here are 20 Steps to Help You Become a Pinterest Superstar:


This is a great article by Tracey Lott Heitzman from our wonderful friends at Multifamily Insiders

I have read the twenty ways to become a Pinterest Superstar and if you want to know what is pinterest, how do I / you use Pinterest and much more, this is a great place to start finding out how powerful pinterest is and is becoming. – JW


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