Ann Convery Video Interview at Author 101

Ann Convery Talks to me About How You Can Excite, Invite and Compel Someone in as Little as 30 Seconds!

I got to spend some fun time with my old friend Ann Convery at Author 101 recently. If you know me and my site you have probably already heard Ann and I as I got to interview her at length about the secrets of the mind and how to talk to it in a way that makes sense, wakes it up and arouses curiosity.

We are not talking manipulation or asking someone to do what they don’t want to do.. This is about getting your message across to the people that need to hear it in the most compelling way.

Watch this short video to find out more or just go listen to the podcast interview.

Speak Your Business in 30 Seconds or Less(tm) with Ann Convery

I am especially thankful that I get to thank Ann as she was one of the most powerful catalysts for me beginning to do interviews.

Ann Convery

I want to thank Ann for so graciously sharing her time and expertise with us. Ann you are amazing – JW

Ann Convery

Ann Convery is an international speaker, seminar leader, trainer and author. Her list of clients reads like a “Who’s Who” of top professionals in the fields of politics, medicine, law, business, health and beauty.For 17 years she has prepared clients for:

  • CNN
  • 60 Minutes
  • The New York Times
  • Time Magazine
  • Oprah
  • People
  • Vogue
  • and other outlets.
Ann’s extensive background in media training led her to create her popular program, “Speak Your Business in 30 Seconds or Less™”. This radically different approach to marketing has enabled Ann’s clients to generate up to thousands of dollars in business, sometimes within weeks.
Ann has been interviewed on ABC and in several national magazines including…

Entrepreneur    Time    Elle

Ann has also been interviewed by The Los Angeles Times, Cosmopolitan, First for Women, Presentations Magazine, and many other media.

Ann is a highly sought after international speaker. Clients call her from all over the U.S., Europe, the U.K., Canada, Mexico and Australia.

Ann has delivered over 125 speeches and trainings for corporate and private groups in Barcelona, Madrid, Mexico City, New York, Chicago, Seattle, and California.

Ann Convery speaking in Madrid, Spain.

Ann Convery in Madrid, Spain

Ann Convery speaking in Barcelona, Spain.

Ann Convery in Barcelona, Spain

A top-selling author, Ann’s second book was published by Harper Collins in May 2006. Ann has published numerous articles including several columns for the Los Angeles Business Journal.
LA Business Journal


Rick Frishman’s Author 101

Are you curious about what publishers like Harper Collins, Morgan James, Adams Media, Wiley, Random House, and Simon & Schuster are looking for? What is the best way to get your manuscript read when you’re an unpublished author? Want to know the biggest mistakes to avoid when writing book proposals? You’ll be engaged as these top pros share their expertise, reveal the inner workings of the publishing industry, and discuss various approaches to common marketing and publishing challenges.

Author 101 University Event Website:


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