We Are Changing Our Name!

JW On Purpose is Changing it’s Name!

That’s right once again we are changing the name of this blog.

Here is the lowdown. I first opened this blog to journal a bit. Then I started doing interviews of some semi celebs and authors. Now I have been doing interviews of finance and business for www.CREPIG.com for sometime.

These interviews were, however, quite dry in content and I wanted to have some fun. I have now interviewed around 200 Authors and Celebs on their stories, causes, projects and just interesting stuff.

At first I just thought I would name it JW Najarian‘s blog… Then it got bigger so I thought maybe JW360 as I and my content are quite eclectic. It then morphed again to JW On Purpose as a friend noticed my focus on cause and purpose.

I really like JW On Purpose and will continue to blog under that name, but mainly it will just be me sharing my thoughts and observations.

This blog is now going to be called On Purpose Magazine. Although it doesn’t come out weekly or monthly etc.. it does contain a plethora of diverse interviews. My mission is to serve interesting, entertaining, educational, intriguing, enlightening and inspirational interviews with the most interesting people I can get in front of.

Why a Magazine? Cause it sounds good. Today you have to brand something and you need to keep the name easy and hope it talks to what you are trying to portray.  So we ceremoniously christen this blog with the name On Purpose Magazine.

Why On Purpose? First I liked the double entendre meaning of the phrase, on purpose. What I want to do, for the most part, is “Do On Purpose, with Purpose”. So you will notice most posts lean toward a cause or purpose.

The Site will be moving and be all New and Improved!

Also Coming Soon………………

We have decided that WP.com does not afford us the growth and functionality we desire so we will be moving to WP.org with a whole new look and feel. Should Really be cool… This will happen the the next month or so…

Come share the journey and please do not hesitate to join in.

The Journey of 1000 miles starts with this first step.

Welcome to:

On Purpose Magazine

JW Najarian


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