Being Unemployed

I almost never just steal a story from another blog to get content for my blog, but The Drinking Hat Blog is always great and this story brought back so many not so wonderful memories of when I used to be jobless… Oh wait.. I still am.. Please make me rich Internet so I don’t have to go looking for a real job!

The Drinking Hat

By Sean Mac

Being out of work is just horrible. If someone has a kinky fetish and wants to feel completely worthless for months at a time then I suggest becoming jobless or a Maple Leaf goalie (zing!). There’s no income coming in, spending any money is scary, and any sense of pride in your life is gone when there’s no reason to get out of your track pants. I’ve personally been job hunting for about two months now and it’s becoming more realistic that I will become a drug dealing prostitute. People want one stop shopping and that’s what I will provide.

There are probably hundreds of reasons why having no job is brutal. Although I clearly have the time to write about them all I’m going to keep this list short. Here are 4 reason why I hate being jobless.

When the average person comes home from a…

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