Jayrah Gibson American Idol Hopeful Makes it Through Group Week

Jayrah Gibson American IdolJayrah Gibson Works Hard to Make it Through Group Week on Amerian Idol.

Jayrah once won Making the Band, but there were issues. Now he is now working hard to become the next American Idol.

You gotta love Twitter. I met Jayrah one of the American Idol hopefuls, while tweeting my followers and Jayrah said hello. I asked for an interview and he set this up right away.

Jayrah preaches that you can do great things if you put your mind to it and set some goals. 

Jayrah is very active in social media on Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, Sound Cloud and many other channels, to get out the word and build support for him on the show.

Randy Jackson says that Jayrah is “Mad Good”. He is also known as a very

upbeat and exuberant guy and Jayrah says he has been asked to tone it down, but Jayrah is passionate and sincerely excited and you can tell from this interview. Even after a full day in the studio Jayrah is excited and full of spunk.

Jayrah, thanks for keeping your word we will be watching you. – JW

Jayrah GibsonJayrah Gibson

Jayrah has been described as the new R&B sensation, winning over audiences with his great personality and unique sound, he has definitely made his mark in the entertainment industry .

Jayrah’s gift as a singer, song writer and producer has landed him the opportunity to collaborate with various well known writers and producers such as Rufus Blaq, the Streiotypes and other top ten billboard and Grammy award winning producers. Creating songs and intricate melody’s that express the beautiful moments and fabrics of life in which we all can relate to, Jarah has established a lane of his own!

Jayrah was born and raised in long beach California, by single mother Kitra Williams who was signed to Motown records at the time. As a young child,she carried him on her stomach while recording for long vigorous hours. That is when she became the biggest musical influence in his life. Jarah has been singing since he was able to talk and writing since he was 6 years old.

His mother being the leading lady of the many hit musicals and dramas and also touring around the world with icons such as TD Jakes “Women Thou Art loosed,” Tyler Perry’s “Diary of a Mad Black Woman” and Oprah Winfrey’s Broadway musical “The Color Puple” left him with some big shoes to fill. Nevertheless those great accomplishments set the tone and opened many favorable doors for Jarah.

With passion, humbleness and talent, Jayrah is well capable of trail blazing a path of his own. His dynamic voice and sultry songs has pierced the hearts of many, making an everlasting impression on the who’s who and what’s hot in the industry! Jarah’s main goal in life is to share his love and passion for music with the world.

Watch his audition video

Jayrah’s Fan Site

Jayrah Gibson on American Idol Website
Jayrah’s New Song Head Bang on Sound Cloud (WARNING Explicit Lyrics)

As of the writing of this piece Jayrah Gibson did not make the cut from his solo audition after the group competition. Thank you Jayrah and I wish you the best. I know you are going to be busy as heck in 2012.
– JW


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