Loreen Sherman on Her New Book – Formulaic Communications

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Loreen Sherman talks to me about her book that helps business understand how to communicate with XGen and YGen Clients and Prospects.

While at Rick Frishman’s Author 101 University in Los Angeles last year, I got a chance to interview Loreen Sherman who takes a scientific approach to communications with different generations.

We have the Social Technology tools we need to communicate with large or specific groups of people, but are we speaking to them effectively? Are we getting the most bang for our copy dollars and efforts?

Loreen Sherman gets into the details that separate the generations and how we can more effectively speak to their wants and needs in a way that makes sense to them.

Loreen Sherman is an savvy business communications and business expert. She has written several books on leadership and teaches and consults on leadership and communications for many businesses. We thank her for speaking with us about this very interesting book – JW

Formulaic Communications

book formulaic communications loreen sherman

Important information written to gain new language skills for global communication; media and technology have changed, in some cases new forms have appeared alongside the old.

Social media, professional forums and blogs are impacting the daily behavior of organizations.

‘The Book on Formulaic Communication’ is a reference book to outline the process of communication to help businesses understand these new phenomena in the Information Age.

Educational Material Each page is written as a living document subject to the views of each reader. This style is appropriate to allow the reader to ask questions and probe for solutions as a standalone or part of a presentation. This makes it a timely read every time.

“Solutions for the shift in this new communication alongside the paradigm of the new age of Information are what some companies are looking for; some firms recognize that their workforce requires new training programs in order to increase the effectiveness of their communication.

‘The Book on Formulaic Communication’ is the leading authority on this new phenomenon. This is modern communication over the airways of the Internet”  – Wikipedia.

You can order a free booklet that introduces the Book on Formulaic Communication and is designed to give the reader a basic understanding of the concept. This introduction shows how a shift to the Information Age created the need for The Book on Formulaic Communication. CLICK HERE

Loreen Sherman Loreen Sherman

Loreen Sherman uses her Master of Business Administration degree earned from the University of Phoenix to help CEO’s, directors, executives and managers to make decisions without indecision.

She combines her Faculty certification from Meritus University to show how organizational behavior affects managerial decision making. Loreen shares her experience from sole-proprietorship to the federal incorporation of Star-Ting Incorporated. She speaks on leadership development.

Her business presentations and programs help leaders to lessen distraction, know keys to benchmark and make stronger decisions. Science is combined with Loreen Sherman’s business framework as she holds a double-degree in Earth and Environmental Science from McMaster University.

Loreen’s insights weave practical applications for leaders to empower and motivate their teams. Other titles Loreen has authored include: The Book on Business Skills for Today; and The Book on Leadership Skills for Today.

Loreen’s skill in writing is highly developed and she uses this talent to instruct others how they can get a book published at http://www.star-tingpublishing.com.

Prior to founding Star-Ting Incorporated, Loreen has worked in banking, energy and oil-and gas industries with over 20 years of inter-disciplinary experience. Loreen qualified as a candidate for the National Astronaut recruitment campaign.

She is an honored member of the Heritage Registry of Who’s Who. As a professional member of CAPS Loreen Sherman speaks to strengthen leaders.

She knows how to lead in uncertainty without indecision. She is creative and a motivator.

She is active in the community and has volunteered as: Ambassador for the Calgary Chamber of Commerce, SIFE Judge for the ACE National & Regional Exhibitions and Captain for the Heart and Stroke Foundation. Loreen Sherman is perfect as your next speaker or leadership development consultant.

From TED

MULTI-INDUSTRY, IDEA-GENERATING, SENIOR EXECUTIVE eminent in organizational leadership development SPEARHEADED numerous ‘industry-first’ products from conception to launch. Loreen is a visionary innovator with a blend of technical and business savvy.

Loreen Sherman provides direct support of the business owners (VPs and Directors) with analysis; synthesis and recommendations of trends, drivers, outcomes and potential areas of focus that impact the performance of the executive leadership. In a fast growing and challenging environment, she uses her diagnostic abilities to identify opportunities for productivity and innovation. Invite her to speak on leadership for your next business function or corporate event.An online and digital publisher, Star-Ting Incorporated takes getting a book published to the next level. Digital brochures and signatures help expand client’s profiles. Custom publishing helps establish authority, talk to Loreen Sherman and plan you leadership strategy today, at http://www.loreensherman.com or http://www.star-tingpublishing.com or call 1.877.896.7292 today for a free 10 minute consultation.


Rick Frishman’s Author 101

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Author 101 University Event Website: www.author101university.com


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