GWear All-American, Recycled Couture Embodies Fabulous Fashion

GWear, Is Ultra Green Conscious, Very Hip, Super Stylish and Made in America.

GWear showcases their unique products at GBK Gifting Suite for the Golden Globes.

So much talk about the environment, jobs, America loosing manufacturing to cheaper overseas markets. GWear proves all that wrong.

GWear is manufactured in America, is environmentally super conscious and is a great product that is growing fast. GWear is also cause minded and is working to prosper while helping give back to those in need.

Check out their site as the clothes are very cute… I love the scarves too. GWear thank you for doing it with passion, flair and feeling – JW



Logo G WearG Wear was created in 2008 by a local Ft. Worth, Texas designer, Stanley Jackson. The inspiration for G Wear began when Stanley’s daughter, Malerie, then only 4 years old, gave him a tee shirt onto which she had sewn a flowered heart appliqué. Stanley, being a proud father, impressed with his daughter’s creative design at such a young age, decided to wear the shirt out and about to showcase his daughter’s talent.

GWear Clothing

After receiving compliments on the shirt and questions about where he got it, Stanley decided he would design and create tee shirts with appliqués, similar to what Malerie had created. Hence, G Wear was born! In an effort to move forward with his vision, Stanley converted part of his daughter’s bedroom into a sewing room and designed a few prototype tee shirts with fabric appliqués.

Anxious to get his first designs completed, and out to the public, Stanley met with his long time friend, Eddie, who offered to display his shirts at the athletic store that he owned in Ft. Worth. The shirts flew off the shelf with questions coming daily as to when there would be more available. With Eddie’s help to initially fund the company, Stanley began to produce more designs and soon began marketing them to high-end specialty clothing stores and boutiques. The shirts were an instant hit, and thus “G Wear by Stanley” (the original G Wear line), was successfully launched.

The name “G Wear” came from Stanley’s strong commitment to the environment and desire to produce a “green” product. Thus, all G Wear shirts are 100% cotton and incorporate appliqués cut from recycled tee shirts purchased at local thrift stores. All G Wear shirts are cut, glued and sewn by hand making each shirt truly unique and one-of-a-kind. The G Wear “trademark” is the three stripes on the sleeves of all our shirts and other products we produce. Only authentic G Wear products bear this trademark three stripe symbol.

Gwear Mike Wilson Crystal JW Najarian The company has grown tremendously over the past several years. Additional capital was added in 2011 allowing the G Wear brand to expand nationally. Thanks for all your support and we look forward to serving you always with great new G Wear designs!

NOTE: Mike Wilson of GWear was an Olympian on the 1980 gymnastics team with Bart Conner.

GWear Site

Thanks to GBK Productions – Gavin and his great staff. As always you host the best.

Some Photos by Stacia Gates


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