Claudia Suzanne Professional Ghost Writer on Learning How to Find one or Be One

Claudia Suzanne Ghostwriting

Claudia Suzanne has Written Several Books and Has Written Over 85 Titles as a Ghost Writer.

Ghostwriting expert Claudia Suzanne is one of the leading book industry authorities with close to ten dozen “invisible” credits in myriad nonfiction topics, fiction genres, and academic fields.

Ms. Suzanne is the only ghost to ever deconstruct exactly how ghostwriters do what they do. Her latest title, Secrets of a Ghostwriter, is the “seminal text” on the subject–in fact, the only known ghostwriting textbook in existence.

I get the pleasure of interviewing many authors and many have asked me about ghost writing so I was so excited to get Claudia Suzanne, A very prolific ghost writer and the author of “This Business of Books, 4th Edition”,  which is considered a “standard of the industry” by college professors and librarians across the English and Chinese-speaking world.

Claudia explains to us how to find a ghost writer or how to become one. She tells us about what it takes and how to go about it.

She also teaches writers how the secrets of ghostwriting can help the writer do a better job. – JW

Claudia Suzanne

Ms. Suzanne is a recurring guest lecturer at California State University, Fullerton (CSUF), where she was also a consultant and Advisory Committee member on the 2005-2006 and 2006-2007 editions of the award-winning historical journal The Welebaethan, respectively.

In recognition of her literary achievements and amassed knowledge from ghosting/editing so many successful books, Claudia was awarded a Bachelors degree (2004) and a Masters degree (2006) from Suffield University.

Claudia helped found Professional Writers of Orange County (PWOC) and served two terms as president of Independent Writers of Southern California (IWOSC), OC Chapter. She currently sits on the board of directors of PEN USA, OC Chapter and the advisory boards of CSUF Extension Education, Mothers Against Sexual Abuse (MASA), and BASTIS Foundation. She is a member of Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA, formerly Publishers Marketing Association) and Small Press, Artists and Writers Network (SPAWN).

This Business of Books - Claudia SuzanneClaudia’s Book “This Business of Books”.

The most complete single-volume book-industry reference is now available in an updated 4th edition.

This Business of Books is an indispensable tool for aspiring authors, teachers and industry professionals. Frank, reality-based and reader-friendly, it explains what every author needs to know about:

  • Concept, Writing, Editing, Submissions, Publishing, Distribution, Marketing, Promotion & Sales
  • Editorial-service providers
  • Publishing contracts
  • The 5-step process for creating a book
  • When a plot isn’t a plot
  • Pros & cons of subsidy & self-publishing
  • Editing do’s & don’ts

… and much more. It’s a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips!

“This book should be in every creative writing class in the country!” (Laurie Thomas, Creative Writing Instructor, Saddleback College)

Used in colleges throughout the USA

Selected for translation by China Renmin University Press

Also includes: a glossary of industry “buzz” words and terminology, valuable links and resources and a complete index.

Ghostwriter Certification Training

Become a Certified Ghostwriter

Ghostwriting is recession proof and lucrative if you have the specific skills, theory, and freelancer politics of how to do the job, how to get the job, and how to get referrals from the job under your hands.

Ghostwriter Certification Training is a full semester of  intense, extremely hands-on work and serious fun. It  will affect the way you read and write for the rest of your life.

It’s the only course of its kind, based on the only textbook ever written on the subject.

The class breaks down every step of the ghostwriting process into easily digested pieces.

You learn exactly what to do with any concept, manuscript, and client you encounter. It will give you the confidence to charge the fees you deserve, the skill to fulfill your contracts, and the insight to become a master in the field.

“The best, most affordable and most efficient training around is provided by ghostwriter, gifted teacher, and author in her own right Claudia Suzanne.” – Jane Genova, journalist, attorney, blogger

You will need:

  • Microsoft Word 98 or later; 2003 or later preferred
  • A phone line, preferably hands free, that will stay connected for 3-hour sessions
  • 6 to 8 hours or more per week for homework; this is an intense course of study, meant to prepare you to increase your income immediately upon completion
  • Required Textbooks (see below)

Read what recent students say

Read what the press says

Includes MS Word for Writers demonstration session
Returning students: always 1/2 off tuition and books.

CONTACT Claudia Suzanne:


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