Pasadena Rose Parade and Bowl 2012 B2 Bomber Fly By

b2 stealth bomberB2 Stealth “Spirit” Bomber Flies over the 2012 123rd Rose Parade and the Neighborhoods Nearby.

Every year, as we live close to Pasadena, we get to see the B-2 Stealth “Spirit” Bombers as they line up to fly over the Rose Parade. Every year they fly a different route, but somehow seem to always come close enough to our house to get some great pictures.

Today the B2 was piloted (per KTLA Announcement) by Capt Brian “HasNo” Stiles and Capt Josh “Trap Door”

You can see their footage.. Very Cool as they followed by air… The B2 footage starts at 4min 24seconds into the clip:

I edited video I took just today and last year of the Stealth Spirit Bomber just before it flew over the parade…. I sneeked in a 2011 clip just cause it was good…

Rose Parade 2001We love the parade, and watch it from the comfort and safety of our house every year. We did go one year as we had friends that had a store on Colorado Ave where the parade runs.

It was great to go and see the floats close up and since we were also honored to have worked on the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles Float, it was great seeing the float we worked on go by. We like it better from home though.

Rose Parade 2001 FloatDon’t miss my interview with Phoenix Children’s Hospital Behavioral Sciences, Dr. Kotlow on Mood Disorders in children. They need your help to save great programs from losing funding.

Gluing flower petals to on a float is long painstaking work and we salute the volunteers that help with the floats year after year.

Rose Parade 2001 Float Tell me your Rose Bowl or Parade Stories


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