Mari Smith on Her New Book “The New Relationship Marketing”

Mari Smith
Author, Speaker, Marketing Expert

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If you are at all interested in marketing on the Internet then you know about Mari Smith
I have followed Mari for years, watching her continually sell on-line, when others say it is impossible. Mari is also well known for building huge groups of followers that stick by her.
This is called building relationships or community and there are few better at it then Mari.
I have asked for interviews in the past, but have not been able to get one till now. I have met Mari at several events and she is always warm and wonderful. Thanks Mari, hope to see you again soon. – JW

Mari SmithMari Smith

You will notice the first time you hear Mari Smith, that she has an accent. Although she was born in British Columbia, she has a noticeable Scottish accent.

Mari lived in BC until her parents divorced and she went to live with her father in Scotland. Later she moved to the UK where she lived for over 25 years, till getting the chance to move to the United States.

Mari Smith - The New Relationship MarketingMari went to San Diego leaving behind a sales management and computer software training job and with a dream and a small business loan, started her own motivational speaking and training business.

Mari became deeply immersed in social media since 2007 – previous to that, she was an internet marketer specializing in relationship marketing, email marketing and web copy since 1999. She loves working with both solopreneurs – speakers, authors, coaches, consultants, celebrities – and small to medium size business owners. Mostly, Mari enjoys working with people who are conscious, heart-centered and concerned about making a difference on the planet… not just making a dollar.

Mari was dubbed “the Pied Piper of the Online World.” By in 2008. Since 2007

Mari had been working with such social media platforms as LinkedIn, Ecademy, Ryze, Plaxo and MySpace, she says, without seeing any business results and then she found Facebook and Twitter.

Facebook and Twitter , fast became the place Mari had been looking for. She got excited by the ease of use, layouts, the fact that she could connect with people she had only read about. There was an excitement and an energetic buzz and Mari was hooked. Mari realized that there was an art and a science to using these sites successfully.

Mari began to explore the ability to express who she was at the same time building her personal brand, community, her email database and the ability to drive traffic or improve customer service or sell more products and services.

Mari Smith loves public speaking about social media and has shared stages with Paula Abdul, His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Sir Richard Branson, Lynn Twist, Tony Robbins, Les Brown, Brian Tracy, Harvey MacKay and many, many others.

Mari is most passionate about building relationships first and doing business second.

Connect with Mari

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Mari’s Website
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  1. Thanks a bil for this JW! 🙂

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