JW and Bob Interview Santa Claus

A Rare Opportunity Came Our Way and We Could Not Turn the Old Guy Down

pic jw and bob santaMy old partner, Bob Schecter and I got the rare opportunity to talk to Santa about how he is doing and what’s happening at the North Pole.

pic santaIt is not often we get an exclusive like this one. We caught Santa at his home in Arizona for a short interview.

Santa was very gracious and answered all our questions

We are so honored and excited as we are big fans. Even Bob, who is Jewish loves ole Santa- JW


Our Sincerest Thank You to Stephen B, the comedian that helped us put this together. Stephen said yes to this crazy idea of mine and did an amazing job of writing the whole script. Bob and I just played straight man and Stephen B made the magic.

stephen bStephen B

For nearly 30 years Stephen B has been making audiences laugh in comedy clubs, corporate venues and in churches of all denominations. With his high energy and animated delivery Stephen’s material runs the gamut from silly to poignant to the absurd but he never crosses the line to get a cheap laugh at the expense of decency. His opinionated observations on life and society juxtaposed with his own flaws and shortcomings make for a hilarious combination of rants, raves and stories that poke fun at the absurdity of being human.

Stephen has opened for headlining musical acts such as Manhattan Transfer, Al Di Meola, Weird Al Yankovic, Leon Redbone, Michael Bolton, Julio Iglesias and Randy Stonehill. You can see him at next year’s Spirit West Coast Festivals in San Diego and Monterey CA.



Special shout out to Diana Schecter for creating the fabulous video to go along with our interview.


One response to “JW and Bob Interview Santa Claus

  1. That was really clever and funny. Put me in the holiday spirit too! Thanks for all of your work on that!

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