Marion LoGuidice – Song Writer, Singer Leaning Into Fear

marion loguidiceMarion LoGuidice connects with me on Facebook to promote a song she recorded with Cyndi Lauper. I get a ton of stuff so I probably would have deleted it if it were not for the fact that I really like Cyndi. I decided to take a look at Marion’s YouTube video “Mary” and fell in love with the song.

Marion LoGuidice writes words with meaning and puts them to beautiful music. She was recently released a “Mary” a song she wrote and sang in a duo with Cyndi Lauper.  She is working on releasing a new album, but if you ask her what drives her; it is not the music, money or fame, it is her quest not to be ruled by fear. It is about meeting the world on her own terms.

Marion did not really start here music career till she hit her 40’s and almost immediately started recording and singing live. She claims she has quit more times than she can remember, but continues to lean into fear on her path to her most authentic life.

I hooked up with Marion via social media which she is working hard to master. I heard her song Mary, that is the one Cyndi sang on. I loved it and started searching Youtube for more. Her videos are great, but, now that I have gotten the chance to hear the whole album (God’s House), I am blown away. The album is wonderfully produced. It took me on a journey and each song was a new and welcome surprise.

From the heavy beating guitar licks, powerful words and more powerful singing on Mary and the take no prisoners “Sorry”, to the haunting beautiful melodies on “The River” and whimsical piano on “Mr Brown” Marion never stops delivering sincere reality and passion in every note.

Thank you Marion you have been wonderful to get to know and I so appreciate your time and all you have given to make this interview possible. Much love to you and Bernadette. – JW

Marion LoGuidice Singing “Mary” with Cyndi Lauper

Here Newest Video “Daybreak”

Marion Loguidice

The music of Marion LoGuidice delivers poetic lyrics and forceful melodies which explore the intimate world of grief, beauty and forgiveness. Operating at the cross roads of rock, pop and folk, Marion is–“as young as tomorrow, and as old as yesterday.”

Whether one chooses to acknowledge the spiritual world and its cosmic ideals, one cannot deny the power of a greater force; it’s a natural draw to something that’s passionately raw and real, and it’s something unexplainable. It’s the desire to search and grab a hold of the soul survivor within oneself, and having the strength to make sense of what’s in front of you.Singer/songwriter Marion LoGuidice has her finger on this exact pulse — embracing the good while tearing apart the bad for a richer understanding of what fuels our creative being.

“What each song is for me is like another vertebrae in this new backbone that I have been building for myself,” LoGuidice says. “Each time I am moved to write another song, I feel as if I am leaving the topside world that we live in and entering into a sacred place — a place where some kind of healing goes on that isn’t so obvious — for me it feels like God’s house. I believe that healing one’s heart is an inside job, and once you find the right kind of support (people who understand the kind of endurance and strength it takes to heal) you must share the gifts of that journey.”

For LoGuidice, it’s the power of song that gives life to her inner struggles. She examines the loss of certain relationships while also analyzing painful situations bigger than one’s own control, and it’s her poetic approach — an abounding combination of layered choruses, extensive bridges, and vivid emotional imagery — that blossoms into a tangible optimism. Such lyrical narratives carry the lilting beauty of her second album, God’s House.

While her 2003 self-released debut Mother Wheel provided a glimpse into her abundant inquisitiveness, the majestic sanctuary that is God’s House finds the Long Island-bred songstress tapping into her New Yorker sensibility with a warm sensitivity. Her earthy, dramatic vocals are reminiscent of country-folk singer Victoria Williams, while her wild artistic spirit recalls Laura Nyro and Sophie B. Hawkins.

Also this time around, LoGuidice embraced her role as a live performer. Prior to issuing Mother Wheel, she hadn’t performed before a live audience, however with a 2004 appearance at SXSW, and several sold-out performances at the intimate Manhattan showcase Joe’s Pub and additional house concerts under her belt, LoGuidice’s stage presence has flourished.

“My songs are like lamps and when I stand on stage, I plug them in,” she beams. “There’s a certain kind of channeling that I do when I step on stage — I unplug from this world to go into this other dimension, and it comes from a very deep, honest place. I think people are craving that in their life.”

Jody Denberg, Content Manager at KSGR Radio in Austin, Texas has been championing LoGuidice since the start. Denberg says, “Once in a blue moon a CD hits as deep as Marion LoGuidice’s. Let yourself be touched by this music. It is beautiful, emotional, musically unique and positively inspiring.” Cyndi Lauper is such a fan , as depicted in her heart wrenching duet with Marion on a song from her second CD “Gods House” titled “Mary”.

LoGuidice adds, “Most of all, I want my music to be of service to others who feel like they’ve filed away their creative life ,their richer life, or what I call my soul life — into some dark corner. That’s my deepest desire because it brought my life from a place of just surviving to a place of thriving”

♫  Sorry –  @cdbaby
♫  Mary (featuring Cyndi Lauper) @cdbaby

To Get Marion’s Music or to contact her:
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Contact Bernadette O’Reilly: 917 450 6482

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3 responses to “Marion LoGuidice – Song Writer, Singer Leaning Into Fear

  1. Great interview JW! Your interview is very personal and insightful into the world of your guest Marion L. Where do you get these Great guests from? Looking forward to listening to more wonderful interviews from you. You are doing a great job with LinkedIn promoting your work as well!

    • Thank you so much. Means a lot coming from you Rey. As the host of New Media Radio Hour I know you do wonderful, inspiring, insightful, entertaining and valuable interviews yourself.

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