Poor Widow Me -The Lighter Side of Loss?

ook poor widow me carol scibelliCarol Scibelli Uses Humor to Cope with Loss in Her Book Poor Widow Me


I met Carol at Camp Widow where she graciously volunteered to speak to other widows about her story. She was well received and she took a minute to give me an on camera interview (coming soon).

Carol is so fun and easy to talk to and I just had to get her to do a podcast with me. I love her use of humor to discuss the rough subject of the loss and grief of losing your spouse, but she is never disrespectful and I believe she gives to others what she calls grief relief.

Thank you Carol for a great interview and for all that you do. – JW

carol scibelli poor widow me

Carol Scibelli and Tony Baloney

Carol Scibelli

Carol Scibelli, a comedy writer and popular speaker at widow conferences, has had humorous essays published in The New York Times, Newsday, the Hartford Courant and dozens of weekly publications, and her one-act plays have been performed around Manhattan.

A proud member of the NY Friars Club since 1998, she has a grown daughter and son, and a perfect granddaughter, and lives in Merrick, New York, with her Morkie, Tony Baloney. They rescued each other.

Carol Scibelli wrote Poor Widow Me after her husband, Jimmy, her high school sweetheart and husband of 33 years died of Burkitt’s Lymphoma in April 2006. He was sick for barely a month, and had just turned 56.

To get more information on Carol and to buy her book go to www.PoorWidowMe.com


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