Social Media Week Here We Go!

What is Social Media?
And Why does it have it’s own week?

Social Media Week started here in Los Angeles at the vLounge in Santa Monica, CA. A very noisy networking mixer of social media gurus, marketers, networkers and media experts.

Social Media is a term that is a bit hard to define by many of the professionals in the field. Are we talking about the media itself, word, video, audio, graphics? Are we talking about networking, marketing? Social media as a term, seems to now encompass the complete realm of web collaboration; social networking, social marketing and social media…

I just found out about SMW from my new friend Rey Ybarra. Thanks Rey. I do not have the whole scoop yet, but I have a week to figure it all out.

What I got from the opening party was that this event is going on simultaneously in the following countries and that it is the second year for the event.

Guests at last nights event were a very diverse set of social media experts and others that need social media help. Many I spoke to that had been to last years event, thought that last years event was good and this years is already better and the newbies to the event seemed to have clear goals to network and work at forming alliances and JV’s.

Others just want to know more about the where, what and why of social media.

Stay tuned as I pick up more information and get some tasty interviews! I have already met some powerhouse talent at this event.

For more info go to


2 responses to “Social Media Week Here We Go!

  1. I tried covering social media week in Los Angeles. It was tough as I found out at the last minute. We hope to find out more and hopefully be more prepared next year to bring you more.

  2. Looks promising.

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