Leveraging Social Media to Find More Deals and Dollars in Commercial Real Estate

JW Najarian interviewed by Value Hound Academy

Leveraging Social Media for the Commercial Investor or Professional

JW NajarianJW Najarian Founder of one of the largest Commercial Investment Groups on the web and co-founder of the CRE Distressed Assets Association talks to ValueHound about the truth about using social media to build leads, find funding, deals and resources.



Wednesday September 21, 2011, 11 AM PST / 2 PM EST

We are pleased to pass on an invitation from Value Hound Academy to attend their webcast interview with JW Najarian, Founder of membership website CREDAA- Commercial Real Estate Distressed Assets Asscociation and CREPIG- Commercial Real Estate Professionals and Investors Group.

Leveraging Social Media to Find More Deals and Dollars

Finding great deals and the financing to get your deals funded has become very competitive.  If you’re like most, you read about other real estate investors finding and closing great deals, but you are scratching your head wondering how are they finding these deals and dollars?  How are they uncovering off market deals and beating others to the best deals?  Where are they finding the equity and debt funds to get their deals closed?

To get answers to these questions, we are speaking with JW Najarian, a leading expert on how to leverage social media to build strong personal and business relationships so that you can find more deals and dollars. JW has founded many leading social media sites, including the largest group of almost 11,000 members on LinkedIn called CREPIG, Commercial Real Estate Professionals and Investors Group.

JW, teaches us the ABC’s of using social media to improve our real estate businesses.  He will teach us how to effectively use the tools of the new economy to give us a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

In this interview with JW, you will learn:

  • How social media will help you find more deals and dollars
  • The biggest myths and misconceptions of using social media
  • How members of JW’s many social media sites are profiting
  • The biggest mistakes investors are making using social media
  • The “must have” tools for rolling out a social media campaign
  • Why it’s in your best interest to starting using social media
  • The best social media strategies to get results
  • The do’s and don’ts of communicating within social media sites

If you are looking for a competitive advantage to build your real estate business and find off market deals and dollars, then you need to listen to this interview with JW Najarian.  This timely interview will help you set-up your social media campaign to build strong relationships. JW reveals to truth about using social media to leverage your business so that you step into the new economy and don’t get left behind.

To sign up to this F.R.E.E webcast, please click on the link below:



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  1. Learning and tweeting about real estate. Cool.

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