Paradigm Shift New Marketing Strategies and Models – Peter Hoppenfeld

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Peter Hoppenfeld is the “Go To” Attorney and Advisor to many well known Thought Leaders, Marketers, Speakers, Authors and Entrepreneurs.

Peter Talks About How the Internet and the Economy have shifted the paradigm in marketing strategies and what some of the strategies that work are.

Peter is a no nonsense advisor and you will hear it in this interview. I keep bringing up reasons why things won’t work and Peter keeps correcting me with the wise insight that has made him such a great asset to speakers, thought leaders and marketers around the world.

I met Peter at Rick Frishman’s Author 101 University in Los Angeles, I got a chance to interview him as he was a speaker there. It is a great interview and I thank Peter for his time and widsom. – JW

Peter Hoppenfeld

Attorney to the Best and Brightest

Peter Hoppenfeld is widely recognized as the “go to” attorney and advisor in the representation of direct marketers, speakers, authors, information marketers, “thought leaders,” entrepreneurs and domestic and international training companies and their founders in all aspects of their legal and business affairs.

Peter is a seasoned transactional, commercial attorney with direct marketing, distribution, franchising, licensing, marketing, branding and operational expertise.

On a daily basis, Peter helps authors, speakers, entrepreneurs, business owners and thought leaders create effective marketing, merchandising and expansion strategies. His mission is to rapidly, smartly and strategically grow people’s businesses, reach and revenues. Peter’s been described as “a lawyer who understands marketing and a marketer who happens to be a lawyer”.

A key niche of Peter’s practice is the representation of “thought leaders,” authors, domestic and international training companies, “information marketers” and their founders in all aspects of their legal and business affairs.

His firm seeks to:

  • Represent the best and brightest trainers, thought leaders, authors and marketers
  • Provide insightful advice on cutting edge marketing strategies
  • Participate in the implementation of new paradigms in marketing, social networking, publishing and the sale of information products
  • Provide honest, forthright advice and service based upon decades of real world experience to entrepreneurs who often have never “put their house in order”
  • Create “marriages” and alliances of like-minded businesses for the greater good — both socially and economically
Counsel and advisor to entrepreneurs and companies in diverse industries with particular emphasis on distribution, direct marketing, licensing and deal making.
Peter has intensive experience in the diverse area of assisting companies bring their products and services to market.
This includes assistance in the creation of marketing, merchandising and expansion strategies with an eye towards the impact of these strategies on trade regulations and commercial realities.
He has had extensive involvement in the seminar/training industry in both legal and executive management roles.
A key niche of Peter’s practice is the representation of domestic and international training companies and their founders in all aspects of their legal and business affairs

Peter also has experience in:

  • Structuring and implementation of marketing, advertising, franchise & distribution systems
  • Review and analysis of distribution programs
  • Drafting of franchise agreements and offering circulars; complex transactions
  • Mergers and acquisitions; purchase, sale and leasing of commercial properties
  • Commercial and residential real estate sales, purchases and leases;
  • Joint ventures; licensing; financing
  • Implementation of domestic and international distribution, franchise & licensing programs
  • Coordination of due diligence investigations; implementation of compliance programs for clients
  • Negotiations with regulators; monitoring industry trends and regulatory climate.


Practice also involves the representation of “cutting edge” marketing companies. Many clients seek guidance in the use of the internet, infomarketing “launches,”joint ventures, infomercials, seminar sales, telemarketing, network or multi-level marketing to bring their products and services to the consumer.

Current client base includes a growing number of motivational speakers, trainers involved in personal development, information marketers, as well as on-line content providers and lead generators.



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  1. I would want to listen and hear what you are saying but Peter is not possible. The music is higher than your voice.

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