Great News – Someone May Owe You Money!

Someone May Owe You Money!

How Do You Find Out? Read On…

My mother called me today to give me a couple of sites to look at. One was for Omega 3 rich oil from the green lipped mussel. I have taken Moxxor for a couple of years so I didn’t need that lead, but I will share it here – OmegaXL.

I make no claims with either of these supplements, but I am a big proponent of Omega 3 intake.

Anyway the other site she mentioned was http://www.Unclaimed.Org this site checks for monies owed you that you may not know about.

Seems my mom went on and found a couple of bucks and so did my brother. One of my mom’s friends found over $800 bucks owed to her. NICE….

I checked my name and not a cent to me…. My wife was owed .05 cents, but my mother in law hit the jackpot for a few hundred!! NICE….

It is a government site so there is no scam here. The site directs you to each different state site that checks their database for lost monies.

This is great stuff. Check it Out and if you hit it REAL BIG. Help a brother out and send a finders fee.


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