Sharon Lechter on Napoleon Hill and Outwitting The Devil

Sharon LechterSharon Lechter brings us a Napoleon Hill Manuscript that has been hidden for over 73 Years!

outwitting_the_devilCo-Author of one of the longest number one best sellers ever; Rich Dad Poor Dad and author or co-author of 19 other books mainly about personal finance and investing sat down with me to talk about her newest project.

Outwitting The Devil – Napoleon Hill / Sharon L. Lechter

Sharon was asked by the Napoleon Hill Society to take Hill’s manuscript that had been kept secret for over 70 years and update it for the modern reader. Mr. Hill’s wife thought the book to be to provocative and the repercussions she feared from having it released caused her to keep it from being published,

Sharon fully annotates the book with well placed references to what was going on historically during the writing of this book and with thoughtful questions and insights to help readers get through some of the more provocative or complex content.

The book is mainly about Hill’s long conversation with the Devil himself. The real Devil or… Well, it is up to you. The truth is; it doesn’t matter, by using the Devil as the interviewee Hill can tackle the Ying and Yang or both sides of the seven principles of success the book is really about. I believe the book is a must read anytime, but especially during our current economic catastrophe.

It is an important book and and Napoleon Hill fans will love this book as it is full of Hill’s genius. It is also a sort of biography of Hill written by himself, that gets extremely personal and introspective.

I believe this book is a game changer and has the ability to boldly change your present paradigm of thinking. This book will easily become another classic! – JW

Sharon Lechter Outwitting the Devil

Sharon L. Lechter

Sharon Lechter is the co-author of Three Feet from Gold, and co-author of the international bestseller Rich Dad, Poor Dad and fourteen books in the Rich Dad series. Lechter is also a national spokesperson for the National CPAs Commission on Financial Literacy, and the founder of Pay Your Family First—a financial education organization—and creator of ThriveTime for Teens, an award-winning financial life and money reality game. She is now focused on expanding the knowledge of Napoleon Hill’s principles and teachings around the globe in conjunction with the Napoleon Hill Foundation. For more information visit or

Napoleon Hill

Napoleon Hill (1883-1970) was an American author and entrepreneur best known for Think and Grow Rich, published in 1937, which has become one of the bestselling books of all time. His teachings have gone on to influence entire generations of success seekers, setting the standard for the foundations of today’s motivational thinking. For more information visit

Outwitting the devil

Sharon Lechter


6 responses to “Sharon Lechter on Napoleon Hill and Outwitting The Devil

  1. And great article! I had the pleasure of meeting Sharon a few weeks ago, what a lady! She is truly amazing and such a nice person.

  2. This book is AMAZING! I can’t put it down! You MUST READ IT! Nap Hill was so insightful and just WOW!!!

  3. Great interviews make you feel you have – by some miraculous blessing – been audience to a private, candid, powerful conversation. Thank you Sharon and JW for a great interview!

    Popular though it is to define success as thriving personally, truly successful people commit heart and soul to inspiring and empowering also others. Sharon Lechter embodies this true definition of success – and simultaneously fills a critical void in the Life Skills educational process. “A game changer indeed!” I look forward to devouring and sharing everything you’ve got! Hugs of gratitude to you both!

    • Mama… Thank you for the kind words. Sharon is all that and more. She has been so gracious in the giving of this interview and her staff was wonderful.
      I receive your hug and send one back…
      More importantly, the book “Outwitting the Devil” that brought us together is so important and relevant for our time. I can only hope that this interview in some way helps to get the word out on this new Napoleon Hill Classic – xo

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