Too Rolling Stoned

I love Robin Trower and this song Too Rolling Stoned is just a classic best of the best for me, but what the hell do the words mean?

Why do I even bring this up? Even though I don’t know what the words mean, for some reason I seem to feel like they seem to suit me very well when I am overwhelmed. Things that make us go Hmmmmm?

Oh a stitch in time, just about saved me
From going through the same old moves
And this cat is nine
He still suffers
He's going through the same old grooves
But that stone just keeps on rolling
Bringing me some real bad news
Takers get the honey
Givers sing the blues
Too many cooks yeah spoil such a good thing
I know I laughed out loud but that was then
Ain't it funny, a fool and his money
Always seemed to find was those real good friends
That stone just keeps on rolling

Well that stone keeps on rolling
Bringing me some real bad news
The takers get the honey
The givers sing the blues

A stitch in time, helps to unfold me
Circus starts at eight so don't be late
Please be so kind not to wake me
I think I'll just sit this one out

Here is the music. Caution it is classic rock guitar at it’s best, but if you don’t like long leads… don’t bother.

I am feeling the technology blues right now. So much to do and so little time. I thought technology was supposed to free us… No shit, that ain’t happening anytime soon.

Now there is Google + and people seem to be flocking to it in droves, some actually giving up Facebook. I still am confused with Facebook to be honest. It is set up so rinky dink and always has that thrown together feel to me. Also everyone says to send everyone there to your fan page…. I don’t want everyone going to my fanpage; I want them going to my site. I try to use the fan page to accomplish that. So many scenarios and methods.. OMG!

Back to Google+ I am using it and it is no big thrill. I might not have figured it out yet, but I am not overly impressed nor am I sure it will be useful in the long run.

My favorite is still LinkedIn and my stats show that it gets so much of a larger response than Facebook and Twitter combined.

Well it is time for me to get back to my newest blog posts.. You will love what is coming up. I will be announcing a new eBook that exposes cons and frauds in the motivational speaker industry and the main consultant on the book is one of the biggest event coordinators out there today… Should be hot!!



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