Joseph Knudson on Living the Difference

Joseph KnudsonJoseph Knudson is on a Mission.

His mission is to bring to light growing up gay and the prejudice and lies he had to live through in order to find himself.

“Living the Difference” is Joseph’s story about growing up gay, but it is not a pity party, it is the story, the good, the bad and all the obsticles and hurdles he had to maneuver deciding to live his life the way it was meant to live.

More importantly Joseph tries to lift the curtain to all sorts of prejudice, even beyond the gay and lesbian community.

Joe Knudson is a 56 year old divorced gay male who came out later in life. Having been married for several years, he is the father of two fantastic sons.

Living the Difference - JW Knudson

Living the Difference - JW Knudson

He went through what many in the gay communityhave gone through themselves, struggles with identity, as well as fitting in a “one-sided” society.

While he lead a seemingly straight life throughout his early and younger middle age years, he knew he was definitely different from the so called “typical male”.

He married his high school sweetheart and began on a journey of hope that his true inner feelings and desires would someday change. He has written a book, Living The Difference and is using this book as a vehicle on his mission to educate the world’s population about understanding and accepting people who are gay.

Living The Difference

J.C. doesn’t try to convince you of what being gay is or is not. He believes that being gay is as natural as being straight and so he doesn’t waste time defending that position.

He simply and neatly opens the doors and lets you look inside his life. He is respectful. He doesn’t impose on the reader or force intimacy. His story explores the wasted moments and the misery created through self denial and ignorance, showing clearly that living a lie leads to a life full of regret and self judgment.

By embracing himself and his natural desires J.C. opened himself and his life for self respect, for true loving, lasting relationships, and to mutual appreciation. He shares his confusion and desires without being explicit, and in so doing makes it possible for others to learn from his life, offering as much in the way of comfort and hope as he does to dispel fear and ignorance.

Living the Difference reveals in its pages a man with high standards, ethics, dedication, love, and loyalty. By Vonnie Faroqui “Ink Slinger’s Whimsey”

I was pleased when Joseph agreed to do an interview with me as he is very active in the gay and lesbian community and writes the Gayly Blogger.

Biological Exuberance: Animal Homosexuality and Natural

Biological Exuberance: Animal Homosexuality and Natural

We mentioned this book, in the interview, which was talked about by Ricky Gervias in his HBO special (video can be found on YouTube, but be careful it is for mature audience only),


7 responses to “Joseph Knudson on Living the Difference

  1. Thanks Sunny, I appreciate that very much. Comments like that make it so worth what I do and I love you for who you are. HUGS!

  2. SunnyNeverland

    All the love & respect sent your way Joseph. God bless you & your sons. You are such an inspiration to us all.

  3. David J Martin

    Having come out three years past to my wife of 38 yrs., father of 5 children…I experienced some of Joe’s “Living the Difference” as I tried to live as a gay person while maintaining my marriage vows faithfully. Without going into the predictable wrecks which occurred at home, I read Joe’s book and could identify. I didn’t “hide” my sexuality but rather was un aware of it or possibly am bisexual. He writes a of life of questioning, exploring, struggling with accepting his sexuality and thus serves as a sort of “primer” on what situations, dilemmas, decisions must face any gay man “coming out”. One thing we both share is the need to separate from our spouses for freedom and self-acceptance can come only with full independence. Although my wife and I agreed to separation, neither desires divorce and at least 2 of my remaining 3 children (2 deceased) are fully accepting of two parents living separate lives revolving around them as a family. My partner known to all, is fully accepted by my kids and included by them in events with me because as my daughter puts it, he is important to, loved by my dad, therefore, he is important to us. I highly suggest Joe’s book.

    • Wow, I want to read your book when it’s published…I am thrilled that you received what you did from reading my book. To me it’s so important for individuals to understand and accept themselves so that they can live a loving and full life. You are fortunate in that your children are fully accepting of your partner and you daughter is very wise with her philsophy. Thank you for sharing a bit about yourself as that makes me truly proud to know you have taken the steps to be who you are and let it be known and recognized as such. Hugs to you my friend.

  4. I love Joe. He is a real, will help anyone in need. But most of all he is telling it like it is, love is love no matter between two men two women or man an woman. It doesn’t matter … He is upbeat an makes my day with his facebook posts. He lift’s me up and anytime he is available to speak to people whom are in need straight, gay anything an anybody….I hope our relationship lasts along time. He is just a wonderful, encouraging human being … not many left in this world that I know of…I’m so proud to know him

    • I appreciate those very kind words and am glad you enjoy my posts. Like you basically state I am who I am and I am all about being there for anyone and trying to help them with their situation hoping that maybe some of my past experiences can shed some light on their own situation. We are all in this together and the more we understand that the better this world will be for all to reside in.

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