Interview With Benjamin Allen and Aggie Kobrin About ~The Truth Behind the Curtain~

Truth Behind The Curtain

A Story About  Cons, Scams and Influence Peddlers in the Seminar Industry

Writer Benjamin Scott Allen and event producer Aggie Kobrin come together to bring you Mega Motivation Gurus And the Moment of Truth.

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Mega Motivation Gurus And the Moment of Truth a The Truth Behind The Curtain production, is a short eBook about Mary, a feisty events coordinator at the wake of an old and dear friend Frank.

Frank is a well respected motivational speaker, so everyone and anyone that is huge in the industry is at this affair to honor Frank.

This is Mary’s story of what she has seen going on behind the scenes at all the various events she has produced and worked on.

benjamin scott allenTHE AUTHOR

Benjamin Allen has worked in both the non-profit and corporate worlds until going into full-time writing and public speaking. In the non-profit world Benjamin utilized his skills in grief counseling for the terminally ill and their caregivers.

In the corporate world he was the Director of Training for a sales company.  He has delivered keynotes to thousands of people on topics relating to grief, personal growth and conscious business and is the author of his non-fiction journey through grief, Out of the Ashes.

He has also written two novels, Under the Sun and The Leveler. Benjamin can be found at or

Several years ago Benjamin appeared extensively in the media beginning with the New York Times, Dateline, The Today Show, Good Morning America, 20/20 and various local newspapers, especially The Dallas Morning News.

His story also featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show. The subject matter focused on the tragic circumstances his family endured. His wife received a blood transfusion tainted with HIV during the birth of their first child. Consequently, his wife and their two children died, the first being in 1985 and the last death was in 1995.  His book Out of the Ashes details that journey.


Aggie Kobrin - Truth Behind the Curtain

Aggie Kobrin

Aggie Kobrin Founder of CEC Global Events and Off Hollywood Media is engaged in producing seminars, conferences and events of all sizes as well as providing advisory, consulting, resource and film distribution services to Hollywood elite and to the new breed of independent film makers. Now 70% of the film making industry.

Is Mary Aggie?? No, but she easily could be.  Aggie is certainly feisty and is one of the best known events organizers in Los Angeles and nationally. Name a guru, motivational speaker, trainer, celebrity speaker etc etc… and Aggie has worked with them, booked them or organized one or more of their events. Who better to work with Benjamin then Aggie to make this a rock solid portrayal of the industry while keeping it funny and compelling.

I got a rare chance, and believe me getting Aggie to sit still for a minute is not an easy task, to interview both Aggie and the Benjamin at two different times. Aggie I caught at her home south of Los Angeles and Benjamin I caught up with his wife Rachel Flower at their home in beautiful Lake Tahoe.

Two great interviews to get whether or not a book is the catalyst, so you really need to listen to them.


Benjamin gets deeply into the characters of the different motivational gurus at the wake and weaves a humorous yet serious look at the way con men think and play the game.

He shows the good side of people and the bad side, the funny side and not so funny side of greed, narcissism, sociopathic and non empathetic behavior that will lead someone to lie to you and cheat you and call it a win win.

If you have ever been scammed or conned you will want to read this story. If you are looking for a way out of your current situation then you need to read this book. If you are in any line of business or are out in the public day to day, you probably need to read this.

We all need to know how to go into any situation with our eyes open to incredible opportunity and to the frightening about of deception there is out there, just waiting for it’s next victim.

Go watch the short video that explains the book and pick up a copy. At 33 pages you will read it in a flash, but the fun does not stop there…..


The Truth Behind the Curtain is not the book title it is the movement Aggie Kobrin is propelling with the book. Watch the video below and she will explain it to you.

It is Aggie’s dream and passion to make sure that no one gets scammed or conned. In any business or industry. She has started a movement and you will have a chance to get in on the ground floor.

Aggie wants your story. That is right. She wants you to send her your stories of the times you have been scammed. She wants to build a movement to help educate the masses and take away the tools of the professional con.

She wants to help expose the cons that have gone on for so many years and help empower the masses so that we do not fall prey to those that would misguide us for their own selfish purposes.

Here is a video of Aggie talking about Truth Behind the Curtain.


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  1. Couldn’t download the book – the link goes to a domain name page.

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