Catching Up is Hard to Do, But Disney is a Great Reason to have to.

OK this part of the blog is my journal and may or may not have great graphics… Tonight no..

What a week. Just finished fourth of July weekend and am moving way to fast toward the new weekend where family will arrive and we will be forced to have more fun…. All I can think about is work so when family comes into town all I can think of is do I have the time to spend with them…. OMG isn’t that what life is about? I am so blessed and forget it constantly. I love everything I do (except working out) and so I don’t know how to say no to anything.

Anyway we spent the weekend at the Disneyland Hotel. Fully renovated rooms and a pool area that looks like a Martian landscape. Videos to come.

We have a special tactical approach to doing Disneyland I will call GForce. Named after the inventor M. Gates. I can not share the tactic with you as it totally gets rid of lines and heat and getting tired in Disneyland and though I love you all, sharing could change the scene.

I got to ride the new Arial ride, and saw 3 different Star Tours scenes.. There are 54 I think….

And we got to see the special 4th of July World of Color spectacular, which I videotaped for your enjoyment…. it was spectacular.

Hollywood Tower of Terror Hotel

Left Disney on Sunday (I actually spent the 4th on the couch catching up on Tivo) and stopped with our friends at Northwoods Inn. For those that are not familiar with Northwoods in Los Angeles, I will try to describe.

A very large log cabin lodge with constant snow on the roof. The dinner menu is Lobster, Steak and Crab, but also great chilli dogs and burgers. It is the place where you throw your peanut shells on the floor and they have the never ending salad and cheesy bread that is to die for coming at you like a diet nightmare. Yes you can take it home, but you just keep eating… What is that all about?

Northwoods Inn

Northwoods Inn

I heard booming all night from the various shows around L.A. and finally it quieted down after 10pm with an occasional rocket whistle or pack of firecrackers going off.

Tuesday was catch up day, but my wife needed me to help her with a project so today was actually more of the catch up day. No I did not really catch up, but had a great day.

What did I learn today? (Doogie Houser Moment)

Incredible people are all around you and the most interesting stories are not the celebs, but the friends you are closest to.

JW Najarian


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