Getting Ready to Change the Theme on This Blog

JW NajarianGetting ready to work on’s Theme.  I left up the temporary theme while moving all the content over from Networking Fools. It has been a bear, but it will be done soon. I have held up doing some interviews because they started to back up a bit, but I will have a bunch out soon.

I am going to start journaling as much as possible here as I want this content to feed Twitter and Facebook as opposed to putting separate stuff up everywhere. There are only so many friggen hours in the day man.

I hope you enjoy my ramblings as much as my interviews. If not, well that is OK too.

I will be playing with themes. If anyone has ideas on which one is best for featuring without losing the header, I am all ears.

Yet another road to discovery. I am now off to read Napoleon Hill’s Outwitting the Devil. Very good book, this is a keeper and I will be writing on it soon.


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