I Want To Be Me Movie – Interview with the Producer

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I Want To Be Me

A Touching New Film at the Possible Futures Film Contest – Has Won The Peoples Choice Award in the Human Fullfillment Catagory!

Watch it Now

“I Want To Be Me”, is a short film, less than 3 minutes long, written and directed by Lauren Selman and produced by Pina De Rosa, and is about amplifying the voice of our children and reminding us that the future depends on being ourselves and following our dreams. You know it’s up to you, what do you want to be?

Here is an excerpt from the congratulations letter sent to Pina:

How the audience received the film. In the words of the Project Manager:

“This evening, at the 2011 Possible Futures Film Contest Awards Ceremony it was announced on stage followed by a second screening of your wonderfully meaningful film, that I Want To Be Me was the winner of the People Choice Award in your submitting category of Human Fulfillment !! (and btw  – Jon Love announced this category and your film winning) There was such joy in the air as your film completed its dual screening this evening in front of a fully packed theatre. It was amazing to see this truly human connection about living a live of individuality on the large screen. (I’ve been screening it on my laptop – and I really smiled from ear to ear this evening for you) Nice work!

It has been an honor to watch people enjoy your work on film. Thank you for holding the world so preciously in this tale. It was wonderful having your film be a part of the first annual Contest and hope you will consider submitting in 2012.”

I recently met Pina De Rosa through a good friend. I got a chance to spend a little time with her and hear her story and some of the projects she had done and others she was working on.

Lauren Selman and Pina De Rosa

Lauren Selman and Pina De Rosa

I was amazed at her accomplishments, her I can do it attitude and then I got to see some of her work, as you can by going to www.IWantToBeMeTheMovie.com or by clicking on the Vote Graphic above. But, you be the judge and let me know by commenting below, what you thought. (The Voting is over and the film Won!)

You will get a chance to watch the short movie before voting, but I think you will have no problem voting for this cute and funny little movie that really made me sit back and think a bit.

If you are like me you spend your time doing the day to day and sometimes you forget to ask yourself simple, yet important questions.
Even if you do not want to vote, go watch the it. – JW

Check out the Audio Interview above, as I took the chance, before she left on a to Africa, to call Pina and ask her some questions about the movie and the contest.


possible futures film contestA new global film contest to reveal visions of a positive future

The Possible Futures Film Contest is a bold new film event challenging storytellers of the world to create a new vision for the future of humanity — one that will become defined by our relationships to human justice, environmental sustainability, peace and individual fulfillment.

These stories on film, from citizens of the world, have the potential to highlight and envision change that benefits people, the planet and its ecosystems. We strive, in open-hearted consideration of one another, to bring forth a new path for the world — one of harmony, peace and love.

Creating your story is simple, and there is no entry fee. Everyone is encouraged to participate, at any skill level. Five world-class judges will select the top two Awards as viewers select five People’s Choice Awards.


Gratitude InternationalGratitude International is Pina De Rosa and I did a separate interview coming out soon about what she calls Quantum Communications (sometimes referred to as Ninja Communications). Cool stuff. Here is some background on Gratitude International and Pina De Rosa

pina de rosa

Pina De Rosa - President / CEO of Gratitude International.

Pina Anna-Grace De Rosa, award-winning producer and high performance results coach, was christened Giuseppina in Italy, her country of birth. When she turned 11, Pina’s family moved from Naples to Lausanne – making this the first journey in a lifetime of travel that has taken her around the world.

Pina worked in film production in her 20s, then started working in the personal development field and merged both her passions for media and transformation, making movies that make a difference.

Having coached thousands of people (one on one and from the platform) today she is an award winning Film Producer, a Master Results Coach and NLP Trainer, President/CEO of Gratitude International LLC, a company with a worldwide client base committed to empowering people to living their fullest potential — visions and dreams fulfilled. She loves it! She is extremely passionate about paradigm shifting, the power of making a difference, especially through film.

As an international speaker & high performance trainer, Pina De Rosa has been designing and leading live workshops, teleclasses and webinars for over 10 years now. She has been nominated as Los Angeles Business Journal Woman Making A Difference Award, 2 years in a row: in 2010 and 2011.

Besides keynote speaking and leading her own events, Pina has shared the stage with Barbara De Angelis, Loral Langemeier, Chris Howard, Alison Armstrong, Lisa Sasevich, Debbie Allen, Jill Lublin, Dr. Joanna Martin, Kerwin Rae, James Schramko, Lisa Haisha, Shellie Hunt, Chris Wise, Scott Martineau, Johnnie Cass, Sean Harris, Clinton Swaine, Benjamin Harvey, Todd Newton, Dave Vanhoose, Daven Michaels, Sean Bell, Larry Loik and Kelly O’Neil to name a few.


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