Enlightened Entrepreneur 2011 – First Annual

Enlightened Entrepreneur Summit 2011Building Business That Does Good In The World

JW Najarian and John Scherer - Video Professor

JW Najarian and John Scherer - Video Professor

A 3 Day Conference in Irvine California brings together enlightened leaders and entrepreneurs together to network, learn and train on principles and strategies that are win win for clients, business the environment and the good of man on the whole.

A few years back I discovered Mohammad Yunus who had brought over 9 million women out of poverty (Check out our interview with Holly Mosher producer of the Mohammad Yunus Documentary Bonsai https://jwnajarian.wordpress.com/2011/03/28/hollymosher/ ).

Ever since that time I have been working with programs like Humanity Unites Brilliance and Compassion Happens. These programs were some of the first that worked on the concept that the philanthropic model, though not dead, was very hard to make sustainable.

JW Najarian and Sharon Lechter

JW Najarian and Sharon Lechter

These companies also wanted to fight against the old stereotype that said that you had to suffer to help others. That giving is good, but taking is bad!? This is like saying that the taker is bad and that if this philosophy made sense, then you would have to get sick to make someone else well or feel bad to make someone else feel good or go poor in order to make someone else rich and on and on…

The Enlightened Entrepreneur is a conference of business people that believe highly in cause and purpose and also want to work to build sustained abundance for all.


DC Cordova JW Najarian Maria Simone

DC Cordova JW Najarian Maria Simone at Enlightened Entrepreneurs

Great question.. Thought you’d never ask…  The event brought World-class business leaders, innovators, thought leaders, marketers, social media experts, market influencers, breakthrough specialists, and potential investors. Yes investors.. They had an investor pitch meeting where businesses got to pitch their ideas at qualified investors and believe me the list of people attending was long and there were some great products and ideas.

Experts shared profitable cutting edge business practices as well as creating a space for inspired joint venture partnerships amongst the participants.

Filippo Voltaggio and JW Najarian

Filippo Voltaggio and JW Najarian Singing Italian Songs

If  you have a vision and are passionate about making a difference and want to prosper by being of service to others this is an event you will have to plan for. Let’s just hope there is a second annual summit.

JW Najarian and Kyle Cease

JW Najarian and Kyle Cease "Funniest Comedian Alive"

This event allowed me to find new and powerful alliances, resources, friends, collaborations and I finally believe I have found two people at this conference that will help me distribute a product I am bringing to market. I have been looking for awhile and I found two people there!

I was only there Saturday. One day out of three, and I missed a lot, but that one day was one of the best I have had in some time.

Aggie Kobrin

Aggie Kobrin Co-Producer "Rock Star"

Aggie Kobrin (you will be hearing a lot from her as her new books is being released soon…. Stay tuned) and Maria Simone co-produced this first annual event.

Aggie is a super event planner and coordinator and has worked on several very large events I have been to. Make sure you check out her website as she keeps a great schedule of the events she is doing there. CEC Global Events

As you can tell I got a lot of shots with the speakers and there were many more, but I did not have room here. – JW



Celebrity Spokesman
Giving Your Customers What They Want: Creating a Billion Dollar Sales Organization
Over 24 years ago, John W. Scherer founded Video Professor, Inc. and began producing his easy-to-use tutorials that have taught over 20 million people across the United States and Canada how to use their computers. During that time, John promoted Video Professor products through the Internet, billboards, newspapers, magazines, television, radio, and more. Video Professor became a household name and a billion dollar company!
Motivational Speaker, Speech Coach, Author
Step Into Your Greatness As An Enlightened Entrepreneur
Les Brown is the world’s leading motivational speaker, speech coach and best-selling author as well as radio host of The Les Brown Show, (on CBS affiliate KFWB News Talk 980) whose passion is empowering youth and helping them have a larger vision for their lives. Les Brown’s straight-from-the-heart, high-energy, passionate message motivates and engages all audiences to step into their greatness, providing them with the motivation to take the next step toward living their dream. Les Brown’s charisma, warmth and sense of humor have impacted many lives.
Author, Speaker, Feng Shui Master
Create a Vibration of Success in Your Business
Marie Diamond is a globally renowned transformational leader—most recently featured in the worldwide phenomenon “The Secret” and seven other motivational documentaries—who uses her extraordinary knowledge of quantum physics, the Law of Attraction, and Feng Shui energy to help people transform their environments and their lives. Her clients include A-list celebrities in film and music, top selling writers, leaders from Fortune 500 companies, and governments. Diamond combines her intuitive gifts, the growing science of energy flow, ancient wisdom, and modern tools to enlighten homes, businesses, and people. She is known for her passion to help create enlightened leaders around the world.
CEO Passion To Prosperity, Intl, Co-Founder BusinessCreditSpot.com
7 Steps To Designing The Business of Your Dreams; Funding Strategies For The Conscious Entrepreneur
Maria Simone is a transformational business strategist and funding expert and over the years has helped countless entrepreneurs create 6 and 7 figure businesses by properly monetizing their talents, funding their launch and growth and utilize customer attraction marketing strategies. As a speaker, she has shared the stage with celebrity trainers, has been interviewed for Success Magazine, Business Week and many other national publications as well as appearing on ABC and Fox TV News. Her book “Passion To Prosperity: Instant Ways To Profit From Your Skills and Talents” is available at Amazon.com. As the Founder and CEO of Passion to Prosperity International and BusinessCreditSpot.com, she’s committed to helping entrepreneurs access $100 million in business funding over the next year to create spiritually rewarding and financially abundant businesses.
CEO JIAN Software
The Thinking Behind A Business Plan That Attracts Money And Team
Burke Franklin is the president & CEO of JIAN (jee’-on) Software, a successful Silicon Valley software company renowned for BizPlanBuilder, the popular software system for producing a comprehensive business plan. He’s known as the man “that’s launched a million businesses” as well as an international speaker and author of Business Black Belt.
Speaker, Author, Financial Educator
Outwitting The Devil: The Secret To Freedom and Success
Sharon Lechter is known worldwide as the co-author of the international best- selling book Rich Dad, Poor Dad and the Rich Dad series of books. She also coauthored Think and Grow Rich – Three Feet From Gold in cooperation with the Napoleon Hill Foundation. Her most recent book project is Outwitting the Devil by Napoleon Hill – a manuscript hidden for over 70 years – updated by Sharon for the modern reader. A life-long education advocate, Sharon is the founder of Pay Your Family First, a financial education organization, and YOUTHpreneur, an innovative new way to spark the entrepreneurial spirit in our children. She is an entrepreneur, author, philanthropist, educator, international speaker, licensed CPA and mother. Sharon has been a pioneer in developing new technologies, programs and products to bring education into children’s lives in ways that are innovative, challenging and fun, and remains committed to education – particularly financial literacy.
James and Lorraine Conaway JAMES and LORRAINE CONAWAY
Financial Strategists
Leveraging Your Hidden Assets To Create More Wealth
With over 44 years of combined experience, financial strategists, James & Lorraine Conaway have helped clients nationwide find clarity & confidence in their financial futures. Together they create comprehensive financial plans by incorporating traditional values with non-traditional strategies for business owners, real estate investors, charities, families, and individuals. They support their clients to find the “hidden assets” in their personal life and business and together have raised over $20 million dollars in planned gifts for various charities. They are the hosts of “Smart Money Talk Radio” on KNBC affiliate 1050AM.
Breakthrough Specialist & Energy Healer
Spiritual Selling: Double Your Sales using the Attractor Sales System
Joe Nunziata is an internationally known speaker, breakthrough specialist, energy healer and bestselling author of Spiritual Selling. He has been delivering his life changing message at events and seminars since 1992. Joe has been working in the areas of personal development and human potential for over 25 years. His unique blend of spirituality, psychology, philosophy and the power of energy results in revolutionary new programs and seminars. In 1992, Joe founded Top Notch Training as a personal development company offering consulting, training, public seminars and products on business and personal growth.
Angel Investor and Leadership Consultant for Entrepreneurs
Creating a Powerful Leadership Team
Rob Kramarz has had over 30 years of experience in computer and software executive management and is a specialist in organization development, executive team building and corporate culture. As a member of Tech Coast Angels, Rob invests in emerging technology companies. He is the President of Intelliversity, a non-profit leadership academy dedicated to the success of innovative entrepreneurs — offering a powerful strategy for success recommended by angel and venture capital investors.
Speaker, TV Host, Brand Visioneer
Panel: Creating Profits With Innovation And Sustainability
Kim Castle is an expert in “conscious business” development and the pursuit of “whole wealth “- a holistic approach to social, environmental and financial performance in business. She and her husband Vito Montone are co-creators of Intention Products, which plans to distribute $50 million in products and services to 10,000 small businesses. Kim is also an international columnist, TV host, speaker, and marketing expert who has worked with top brands such as IBM, General Motors, Disney Interactive and Paramount.
Private Equity Specialist
Panel: Creating Profits With Innovation And Sustainability
Joshua Whitley is a private equity specialist who is experienced from inception through early to late stage start ups, public offerings, company sales and/or acquisition, including distressed turnarounds. He specializes in start up, growth, de-risking and exit strategies. Since entering the world of Mergers and Acquisitions, Joshua was instrumental in taking nearly a dozen companies public, consulting for dozens more as well as getting large scale development stage companies off the ground and funded.
Speaker, Author, Business Development Consultant
Panel: Creating Profitable Relationships Using Social Media
Rhonda brings a wealth of practical, real-life expertise and presence into every consulting, coaching and speaking relationship. Having over 20 years of experience in an array of industries including law, insurance, direct sales and training, Rhonda’s philosophy is that you cannot teach what you have not practiced and learned firsthand, and her mission is to make a positive difference in the success of small business owners, entrepreneurs and those who run non-profit organizations.
Social Media Strategist
Panel: Creating Profitable Relationships Using Social Media
Gia Heller is the Founder and CEO of The National Business Experts, a premier networking organization which takes traditional community based businesses and connects them using social media marketing. As a commercial real estate agent she found it very difficult to connect with potential clients using traditional marketing methods. When she turned to social media, she dramatically shortened her sales cycle. Having a desire to help others create similar success, she formed Arizona Women Networking several years ago which ultimately grew into The National Business Experts.
Social Networking Strategist and Coach
Panel: Creating Profitable Relationships Using Social Media
Sabrina Gibson is a Social Networking strategist and coach. She has personally helped thousands of business professionals across the globe increase theirs results in 120 days or less. She has proven her online marketing strategies by taking startup companies from zero to million dollar sales levels in record time. Sabrina has a gift of taking very complex online marketing strategies and making them easy to understand. She shares how to instantly implement Social Networking tips that generate results. Having worked in the Internet space for over 15 years she has mastered online tools and taught speakers, authors, coaches and entrepreneurs how to leverage their expertise into million dollar results.
Mistress of Ceremonies
Cappi Pidwell is a leading expert in human behavior as a Master of NLP (Nero Linguistic Programming) and Advanced Hypnotherapy She has been educating, empowering and speaking on “Mastering Your Subconscious Mind” for over 17 years. As a business owner and speaker, Cappi has worked with thousands of entrepreneurs, sales people and corporations, on how to maximize their mindset both personally and professionally to create extraordinary results. Cappi is featured in the new movie “The Riches,” and currently the host of: The Profit Explosion Summit. She is an author of publications in the personal growth industry and a contributor to the books: · Giving Gratitude, The Riches and The Heart of a Woman in Business. She has also been featured on: The Wright Place TV Show, The Real OC Homes Show and Direct Selling Woman’s Radio.
Maverick Angels takes an entrepreneurial approach to angel investing to create win-win results with portfolio companies. They realize that entrepreneurs need more support when getting started. Many of their members are highly successful “serial entrepreneurs” as well as seasoned corporate executives. Their members work closely together to find, qualify and invest in early-stage companies and maximize investments throughout the life of their portfolio companies.
President/CEO OPIS Network

“Presenting our “pitch” session on Sunday will be the team from OPIS Network, a Newport Beach based business consultancy and originators of the “helping 100 businesses for 100 days” program, which they offer in partnership with cities throughout Southern California. Led by Dave Naidu, a 20 year veteran of innovative business strategies and events, the OPIS Team will be teaching you how to articulate your business succinctly and how to appeal to funders. Whether you are seeking a loan from a bank, Angel investors or Venture capitalists, how you share your business model can be the difference between failure and success.”

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