Using Natural Selling to Take the Fear and Anxiety Out of Sales – Michael Oliver

Michael Oliver on How to Sell Network Marketing or Anything without Fear or Loss of Friends

Michael Oliver – Attend one of his training sessions, or ask any of the thousands of Salespeople and Independent Distributors who have heard him speak, and you’ll discover that Michael Oliver’s message is one that definitely resonates from the heart. It’s a message that honours and accepts the needs of others while producing immediate and measurable results.

Michael’s training and keynote speeches are informative, internally inspiring, interactive and result-oriented. He regularly conducts speeches and workshops for a variety of companies and distributor’s worldwide.

Michael is the founder of Natural Selling® Sales Training, and the author of the best selling book, How to Sell Network Marketing Without Fear, Anxiety or Losing Your Friends!. Michael delivers the message that by understanding how to help people influence themselves to make positive changes in their lives, any distributor or direct sales person can achieve the long-lasting results they are looking for.

An internationally recognized speaker and trainer, Michael honed his professional sales experience through a combination of continued learning and practical experience. In the 80’s and 90’s, he broke new ground by being one of the first to sell commercial solar energy appliances in Southern California. He also sold multi-million dollar sponsorships and advertising contracts for some of North America’s top sports arenas and entertainment facilities.

In the mid 90’s Michael became increasingly frustrated with how the outdated conventional sales techniques used by Network Marketers were turning people away in droves.

Drawing on his years of hands on experience and his natural talent, he turned his attention to helping distributors and direct salespeople significantly increase their results. He demonstrates how to do this effectively and comfortably by understanding how to eliminate rejection and objections. Over the last decade he has trained and coached many of the top distributor’s and income earners in Network Marketing and direct sales.

Networking Fools has been trying to get Michael on the show for some time and we caught up with the very busy Micheal at his home in Canada.  JW has been in Network Marketing or MLM sales for many years and has used Michael’s book to help increase his sales and to help his downlines get over the fear of contacting people and after finding out their needs move them to action. JW also realized that this book teaches a type of sales that works very well for the Internet and any business. The Internet is all about increasing your lists of potential prospects and then contacting them in order to promote what you have.

Natural Selling is a great way to meet, approach and help a client get what they want.

We spoke with Michael about all aspects of Natural Selling and Michael shared with us some great tips to help anyone get out their with and make sales with confidence.

We have listed Michael’s Courses below


Michael Oliver, has a career spanning 25 years in sales and has developed and has been using a principle based approach that he calls “Natural Selling” that completely eliminates objections and rejection.

You can discover…

The Correct (and the Incorrect) Way to Present
Your Business Opportunity and Products

This breakthrough program the “Natural Selling Home Study Course” is the quickest and easiest way to learn the critical skills of communicating quickly and effectively with potential business partners and customers. It’s also the quickest and easiest way to get the results you’re looking for.

Inside this magnificent work you’ll get a comprehensive framework and a step by step guide to making you an outstanding communicator.

The work is divided up into 3 comprehensive sections:

Natural Selling Michael Oliver Network Marketing MLMPart I:

The Book: “How to Sell Network Marketing
Without Fear, Anxiety or Losing Your Friends!

This foundation component of the program sets out the principles of “Natural Selling”. It explains how and why the conventional techniques of presenting, closing, handling objections and persuading actually causes resistance and rejection and the high attrition rate in the industry…

And… it also explains what you can do about it!

It explains HOW to replace the techniques and WHY putting the focus on the other person and coming from a place of helping them solve their problems results in you getting the results you want more often than not!

My book demonstrates how to…

  • Stop Telling, Stop Persuading and START ASKING and LISTENING…
  • Make the 4 Universal Sales Principles of Success work for you
  • Understand your potential partner’s inner and external personal and business needs.
  • Develop the art of asking the right questions at the right time.
  • Learn how to listen and what to listen for… critical ingredients for success!
  • Gather feedback so that you can adjust your message as you progress.
  • Automatically have people listen to you!
  • Effectively reply to questions.
  • Personalize and explain your business opportunity so that it will immediately attract people to join you.
  • Significantly reduce your downline attrition rate.

Part II:

8 CDs Set – “The Best of Michael Oliver’s
6-Day Fast Track TeleClasses”

OK, while you’re reading the fundamentals it’s time to really sharpen your verbal and listening skills while I take you through the “Natural Selling” program step by step on this series of “live” interactive TeleClasses.

Join other Distributors in creating your own powerful “Personal Introduction”

Listen while…

  • I demonstrate how to effectively connect with and start a Dialogue with people… putting them and yourself at ease
  • I role-play and analyze a typical Dialogue of asking questions and listening… critical components of any sales conversation…
  • You learn how to transition into making a powerful and winning presentation based on the REAL needs of your potential customers that will have them asking you for more…


  • Share the other “Ah-ha’s” and breakthroughs of your colleagues on the classes
  • Simple daily exercises to get you quickly and effectively using “Natural Selling”. At the end of the exercises you’ll be amazed at the difference in the responses you’re getting from people… they’ll all be positive!
  • and more…

Part III:

CD Set “12 Ways to Start Effective Conversations”

In the final component, proven conversation starters to enable you to talk with anyone, anywhere.

  • Not sure how to talk with friends about your business? See this section
  • The correct way to talk with business acquaintances
  • How to start a Dialogue with friends and strengthen your relationship at the same time!
  • Don’t make this mistake when talking with strangers!
  • How to get the most out of leads from a qualified list
  • and more…

Michael Oliver’s Contact Information:
Get the Book


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