Wow Where Have I Been?

Hello all, OK so I never have been consistent or persistent about putting out Blog content on this blog… So saying that I am coming back to start blogging again makes no sense, but that’s what I am doing; so there.

The truth is I have been blogging very regularly on the Networking Fools, The Legacy Show, Bear On Sports, The Commercial Real Estate Professional Investors Group and other stuff.

Bob Schecter and I have been ridiculously busy going in extremely varied directions, trying to get out valuable and solid content for three or four different projects we are working to launch.

Networking Fools

Networking Fools is a real labor of love. Bob and I had been doing financial interviews and I have to say they were pretty good, but a bit on the dry side. I happened to know some speakers and authors from my days with Humanity Unites Brilliance so we decided to see if we could put together some interesting audio podcasts interviews with some real interesting friends.

At one time, a friend let me on his video show and I helped him get some guests and it was fun, but it was also live. I had an idea that people liked short video and long audio and I really wanted to stay away from the issues and problems with live recording.

Bob and I started recording our conversations with each other and loading them up on BlogTalk Radio and on our blog. We were a riot, smart and fun everytime we talked together, but our attempt to capture that on a recording failed. I believe we planned the recordings too much. Bob may have a different opinion, but I want to bring back that idea. Maybe we can pick 2 or 3 current news topics and just rip it up… We’ll see.

Anyway, we finally got some real neat people to come on with us; like Jordan Goodman, an old friend of mine that has written several books on finance including a a dictionary of financial terms that is somewhere around 800 pages long!

Luckily Jordan is not as boring as that book. His books are really interesting and I am not the only one that thinks so. Jordan is a favored guest on many financial news shows like CNBC. He have been on The View several times and the ladies really enjoy hitting him with questions. If you listen to our interview you will see why. Jordan feeds you with a fire hose with important, pertinent information you can use NOW to help you get out of debt and save more etc…

If that were not enough, we have lawyers talking about Non-Profit information and African Safari Guides, Gary Goldstein, the producer of the wonderful blockbuster hit Pretty Women, talking to us about his life and how he became successful by failing forward.

It has been quite a ride this last year and it is shaping up to be even more incredible this year.

I just spent a couple of days at Author 101 and got a slew of great author, agent and publishers to talk to me about how you can get your book published, or if you are a best seller, how to take control and self publish and on and on and on….

The Legacy Show

Bob and I decided that the Networking Fools is fun and cool, but we needed more content than we could produce ourselves and came up with the idea of adding channels.

These channels would consist of other bloggers with interesting and cool stuff that would help us get more listeners and readers to our site.

Our first entry is The Legacy Show with Lisa Scheiderman. Lisa is a well known publicist in Hollywood that has worked with many well know celebrities and with her know how and connections, is able to get top name celebs to interview with her. The greatest part is that Lisa is known for her love for the philanthropic and cause related projects so her interviews are very purposeful and highlight not only the legacy that the celebrities are living and leaving, but also their causes. It is great fun and very entertaining as well as informative.

Lisa and I met while I worked with Humanity Unites Brilliance and I had the pleasure of working directly with her on the Feed333 campaign. I was the Los Angeles coordinator and Lisa was the publicist and our job was to organize and get food, toys and hygiene supplies to the working poor over Christmas.

Feed333 fed over 12,000 families in Los Angeles, Phoenix and San Francisco over the holidays and for three years in a row, was known as the largest one day food giveaway.

Lisa and I have worked on several red carpet events including movie premieres and Oscar venues to get well over 100 top celebrity interviews. Go to to see them as we trickle them out over the coming months.

Bear On Sports

15 year old sports phenom, Michael “Bear” Gates reports on the NFL, NBA and MLB as well as college ball and other sports events. We are doing a weekly show and hope to get some great sports interviews soon. You can check this out at

Commercial Real Estate Professional and Investor Group CREPIG

Bob and I have worked on this project for over a year now and have had great success building a membership of over 10,000 CRE professionals and Investors. We help them network and promote or find projects, funding and other resources.

We have done some great interviews and panels and recently in a joint collaboration with GreenPeal Events, we helped sponsor the Distressed Real Estate Summit in Los Angeles where we interviewed top lenders and heads of banks about the state of the industry and all about what can be and will need to be done to help the industry through one of it’s toughest times ever.


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