Christopher Law – Athlete, Actor, Wildlife Art Publisher and African Safari Guide

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Christopher and Toni Law on the Masai Mara

Christopher and Toni Law on the Masai Mara

Christopher Law – Safari Guide

Christopher has been an athlete, Art Auctioneer, an singer, an actor, Philanthropist and since 1987, an experienced African Safari Guide. Christopher tells his story about first coming to Africa in 1986 and how it stole his heart and soul. He talks about the African experience and how you too will be never return and be the same. His favorite saying is, “If you have only two places to go in the world, you should go to Africa Twice!

Who is Christopher Law?

Christopher Law

Christopher Law

Christopher and his wife, Toni Law, who is a legend in Hollywood and author of “The Gentle Jungle”. They live in Newport Beach and travel to Africa for Safaris and to visit daughter Tana, The Executive Director of Kenya Water Wells Trust and their 3 granddaughters that live in Langata, Kenya. I met them both at our good friend, Gene Massy’s office, formally Robert Altman’s office, who directed M.A.S.H. the original movie, Nashville and many more. It was a special day since I have been talking about doing this for close to a year now.

Christopher shared with us his incredibly interesting and full life that led us to speak to him about Duma African Safaris, where he has been designing and guiding safe, secure, custom, photo safaris since 1987.

Christopher Law Heinz Gerick catalogue

Heinz Gerick (sp) motorcycle racing leather catalogue

Christopher was Vietnam Era Veteran, in the Air Force. On the GI bill he attended The Professional Theater Workshop in Hollywood, which led him to become a Model, and a commercial, TV and stage actor. He was in many commercials; Ford, Miller Beer, Spokesman for Revlon, and many others.

He also appeared on a few soap operas, like General Hospital and One Life to Live, had parts in a few movies and on shows like the original Hawaii Five-O, Night Gallery, 4 Seasons. On stage Christopher received great reviews for his role in Gardner McKay’s play, “SEA MARKS” opposite Mara Purl.

I was introduced to Christopher and Toni when I was on the member board at Humanity Unites Brilliance (HUB). Christopher, and I are Founding Arc-Angels in HUB. HUB worked with Kenya Water Wells Trust. He also helped HUB bring our members over to Africa so they could experience and contribute service first hand.

Kenya Water Wells Trust

watoto william kAJIADO 007

The KWWT Team and Happy Recipients

Toni Law & daughter Tana started Kenya Water Wells, to help with a severe shortage of safe drinking water. In Kenya, as in much of Africa, the lack of safe drinking water causes many severe problems including dehydration, starvation and disease.

watoto william kAJIADO 029

Young Women Getting Good Water from Kenya Water Well

The daily chore of fetching water is no small task in rural Kenya and young women often walk as far as ten kilometers to collect what water they can, from a polluted, dirty, hand-dug wells, full of parasites and bacteria. These primitive wells are also structurally dangerous and often collapse when they get deep enough.

In Kenya, the high mortality rate among children under five years old is primarily due to waterborne diseases such as gastroenteritis, diarrhea, malaria, and amoebic dysentery, to name just a few. Contamination from human and livestock waste is also a major cause of water-related diseases, despite the sanitary disposal methods of most of the population.

Flies and other disease-carrying insects are drawn to unsanitary water sites and compound the risk of infection. All of these problems are exacerbated by the fact that economic hardship, inadequate education, and lack of public transport prevent many individuals from seeking healthcare in the early stages of an illness.

Kenya Water Wells Trust Video Demo

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So this is how I know Christopher & Toni, as a compassionate couple, that know you get more from giving. It also shows in their Safari business, much of which comes from repeat customers or referrals.

Duma African Safari

Duma SafariDuma African Safari is a premiere photo safari experience. Great food, lodging and accommodations, all the while getting close to nature, allowed to get the full experience of Africa, it’s drama, it’s beauty, and it’s soul.

Christopher and Toni Law are two people that know and Love Africa!

Big Elephant with Tusks

Big Boy, Outside Finch Hatton's

Christopher with his love and compassion for Africa and the peoples of Africa and Toni who has grown up living with getting to know the animals of Africa like very few ever get the chance to; as she, along with her first husband Ralph Helfer, developed Affection Training, getting rid of the old whip, gun and chair training of the past. They both reared and trained many of the animals that starred in thousands of Hollywood shows and movies.

Experience Africa

Young Male Lion - Duma African Safari

Young Male Lion

So if you want to experience Africa in style and grace with two people that really know what the African experience is all about, you must check out

  • Photo Safaris
  • Yoga and Meditation Safaris
  • Water Project Safaris
  • and Much More….

Christopher Law sitting outside his room during a safari

Christopher takes only small groups and he will totally customize your experience and journey based on what you want or let him suggest to you an adventure that will change your life.


  • Great Food
  • 5 Star Service
  • Tents with flushing Toilets & Persian rugs
  • This is not an uncomfortable camping experience. You will feel pampered and safe. While having the adventure of your life.
duma lodging

Duma African Safari Lodging


Here is what a couple of Dumas’ Clients have to say about their experience.

Robert Allen, New York Times Best Selling Author
“An endorsement is obvious: “Let the supreme Safari experts, Christopher and Toni, create memories for you like they did for us. Magical! Images of Africa that will live in our hearts forever. It was better than our dreams, more amazing than our wishes.” Thanks a million for your expert help.  You’re awesome!
Bob Allen

Mark Victor Hansen
Co-creator,#1 New York Times best selling series
Chicken Soup for the Soul Co-author, Cracking the
Millionaire Code and The One-Minute Millionaire
Christopher Law is the insiders’ insider on African Safaris. Having lived there for two years, working with the great Archeologist, Dr. Leaky, he knows Africa, loves it, has family there and can Give what is affectionately called: ‘The cooks tour.’ I enjoyed the real Africa that he and his lovely wife Toni shared with my team and me.

Patricia Farren, Partner, Cahill, Gordon & Reindel

“Christopher took my son Harry Lapham on safari when Harry was 15 & 26. It seemed thoroughly well organized and first rate in every respect. Christopher has lived in the region and has many insider advantages in terms of access to unique private estates, and gamekeepers and he seems to have an unerring ability to go where the animals are. My son told us that at lavish tented camps in the evening, groups with other guides would complain about seeing too few prides or herds, or seeing only

Cheetah Siteing

Leopard Sitting

other Land Rovers, while it was clear from Harry’s journal and photos that he saw an abundance of animals every day on an up-close basis.

He also learned so much about the animals, I assume from Christopher. To this day he can look at his album and say this is a certain type of antelope, found only in the Ngorongoro Crater, while that’s a different antelope, found on the plains of Tanzania. Then he would tell us how they came to develop different markings.

Christopher is a charming, funny, nurturing person with a wealth of good stories and local lore. The group he assembled for Harry’s tour were lovely families and artists, who bonded  during the trip and continue to stay in touch. Harry still raves about the superb accommodations and food. Fitch Hattons’ served the best meals he’s ever experienced.

Finally,  Christopher’s advance information on visas, shots, garlic pills and other requirements were clear, thorough and right on point. I’m sure that my son would be pleased to share his photos, experiences etc. if you’d like more information. He’s at For our part, we were thrilled with Christopher’s arrangements and care. Have a lovely trip — I can’t wait to do it myself.

Dancing with the Masai Duma Afircan Safari

Dancing with the Masai

Regards, Patricia Farren

Paul H. Casey, Founding Family of United Parcel Service

“I have known Christopher and his wife Toni for many years – originating in the art world. I have a game ranch in South Africa and live part of each year there. I hadgone on a photo safari in Kenya and Tanzania in 1974, and felt it was time to do it again with a camera and not a rifle. In January of this year, I joined up with Christopher and his group in Amsterdam for what turned out to be a most enjoyable trip. There were 3 men and 3 women that Christopher took very good care of, using the best of safari camps with excellent food.

He makes travel easy from one area to another, and game viewing is mostly from a vehicle. I would highly recommend that you go on what will be a most memorable adventure. Experience a ride on a camel, have live elephant walk past your vehicle so close that you could nearly touch them and have hippopotamus in the water outside your cabin.

These are only some of the many enjoyable experiences you can expect. In conclusion, Christopher is quite knowledgeable about these areas as well as the flora and fauna. He would make sure that you will see some fantastic sights. Bottom line, go – you will have a ball.
Paul Casey (age 77 and having made over 45 trips to Africa since 1967).”


4 responses to “Christopher Law – Athlete, Actor, Wildlife Art Publisher and African Safari Guide

  1. Maurice Wiener

    Please contact Mr. Maurice Wiener in the U.S. by email. He would like to get in contact with you. I noticed that you don’t have an email listed on your website.

  2. How many people go @ a particular time.Did i understand a trip may be built around a group with your recommendations of course. Immunizations I think start 6 mo prior to departure. What season is it in Africa in July.Will you send dress codes for the different seasons. During what season do you get the best in wildlife sites.What is the coolest/comfortable season to go on safari? I would LOVE to see the Lowland and Highland gorillas,however that may present a wee problem,as I do not know what is going on in the poaching market and the risks.Of course there is a different location. I am a friend of Tina Clonaris in Nassau,and I presume this was how I stumbled upon you. You are from Quincy,Mass.,and my Mom was from Revere. Old stomping grounds in my early life. Well I will close for now,in hopes to hear back from you or your associates.I would think there will be a lot to take in,and the like.Look forward to the future for you and for me.
    I know you are going through a period of grief and mourning,and I don’t want to push you.Please nknow I have you in my thoughts and prayers.”Time longer than Rope”Fondly Linda Knowles

  3. Christopher Hello,I feel so many things are bringing me close to where I wish to be.Too many coincidences.Just tonight an old friend, in the flower business around the world has expressed a desire to visit Africa. I have sent much, of what you have shared on-line with many a good friend. I will refer her to you.She lives in S.Fl.Her name Clleen Nolan,Vacarro—— and I can’t remember her present husband. She stated she is going to Kenya,and Ethiopia,for flowers.I want to send her and myself pertinent info regarding innoculations (prior to the journey) Lodging I told her is per upscale tents. Do you have a brochure. Anyway you can send me the infoas I am not sure of her present address. Mine is Linda Ann Herring Knowles-Tel Home 242- 324-4354. My e-mail

  4. Sometimes you meet folks whom you know the moment they open their mouths that they live what they believe. and what they believe is a higher calling. Such is the human being named Christopher Law. His humanity exudes decency and kindness. I cannot wait to meet his wife because I know she will be just as remarkable. We need more souls like these on this planet. I’d urge anyone to help them bring water to Africa and take their journeys with them.Take pics so I can travel vicariously with ya*S*L* All the best and thanks for this lovely group of videos and blog. Bless CL and his family always.

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