Julie Hegle, Esq – Non-Profit Law, Structure and Grants with an Introduction to L3C

Julie ViskupJulie Hegle, Esq Discusses Non-Profit Law, Structure, Grants and the New L3C

Juliane Viskup, J.D., was a lawyer practicing in Winooski, Vermont. She favors representing women and children and is one of a growing number of lawyers who use the concept of collaborative law in their practices.  Resolution of conflict is as much about preserving the human as it is about closure. Julie worked with Vermont HITEC, a nonprofit organization dedicated to creating jobs for unemployed, underemployed and disenfranchised individuals in Vermont.

Julie Viskup, Esq

Julie Hegle, Esq

In the past, she has also been involved with nonprofit organizations like the Heart Association, and The Bellwether School. As a current member of a UN Committee on the Status of Women NGO, Julie’s mission is to support women and their children in creating a peaceful, productive and meaningful life.

NOTE: Julie Viskup is now Julie Hegle – Thanks

I recently met Julie at LeaderShift 2020 as I was trying to get a picture taken with Mark Victor Hansen. The picture did not turn out, but I did get to talk to a very nice person while I waited for Mark to finish speaking with an associate.

This was Julie Viskup, who I quickly found out, practiced Non-Profit law. Since I have recently been involved with building an association and starting a non-profit, I was very eager to talk to her. We were both going separate ways so we traded contact info and went on our ways. It was only a few days later that I spotted Julie at the Tapping the Source movie premiere.

As I was doing media at the event I did not have the time to talk, but when I got back to the office I got in touch right away. It turns out that Julie’s work with Vermont HITEC allowed her to gain knowledge of all the facets of non-profit, law, structure, grants and many other issues that affect businesses that put cause and purpose ahead of profits.

I asked Julie to sit down with me and talk about all the various ins and outs associated with non-profits and social businesses with purpose and she graciously agreed.

We met in beautiful Malibu, CA for the interview and it lasted just under an hour. If you listen carefully you can hear the crashing waves in the background. I have put together a short video of our conversation and have added the whole interview to the podcast above.

Julie talks about how to use the questions in the graphic below to find out if you should go Non-Profit or For Profit and if you decide on Non-Profit, just how you should structure.

Julie Discusses:

  • The best method for determining whether or not you should set up your entity as a for profit or not for profit.
  • Different types of non-profits.
  • Gives great details about the new L3C entity structure that allows a business to declare purpose before profits
  • Problems involved in setting up a non-profit and how to best resolve them
  • Funding of a non-profit including grants and loans.
  • And Much, Much More

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