Fools Quote Of The Day

“Character isn’t something you were born with
and can’t change,
like your fingerprints.
It’s something you weren’t born with

and must take responsibility for forming.”

Jim Rohn:
Was an entrepreneur, author, and speaker

This is a lesson we desperately need to learn. As a society we have, for too many years, assumed someones character, just by the job or position they held. Doctor, Religious Leader, Politician etc..

And as for our own character, we all believe ours is good, but we all make mistakes and may have done things we regret.

So how do we stay on track?

One of the ways is to come up with your list of values. This is part of writing your goals and mission statement.

Yes for your life as well as your business.

You can now take the list of your core values and weigh the decisions you make against them.

If you consistently are in-congruent with your value list you need to change the list or your behavior.

Also try to keep integrity as the number one value, as integrity means that you will follow your values in value order.

What is value order?

Let’s say that your value list reads like this…

1. Family
2. Health
3. Career

Then if you are asked, by your boss, to do a dangerous job on a Sunday, when your child has a recital, you would refuse your boss and not go to work on Sunday. You would instead show up for your child’s recital. You are in integrity with your values.

On the other hand if you do go into work you are out of integrity with your values. But wait… Nothing is always so black and white.

If your family needs the money to eat their next meal and you have cut every expense to the bare bone then you may be in integrity as your family does come before your health.

Not as easy as it sounds huh..

That is why the quote is so important. It says you are always forming. Staying on the path is not always easy, but the more we work at it the better we all are.

JW Najarian


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