EmmeGirls – Promotional Models and Social Media Marketing

Emme Girls

Bruce and Emme PorterEmme and Bruce Porter

She’s gorgeous, he’s gorgeous … isn’t that enough?

Obviously not for this power-couple who are bent on carving out several places for themselves in the world.

And the old adage, “never judge a book by its cover”, applies here with all of its nuances.

We first got a glimpse of them at emmegirls.com, as many of their clients do, through a recommendation.

EmmeGirl Logo 01And, although their website is filled with the awful distraction of incredibly beautiful models, we managed to focus long enough to realize that there was more .. much, much more than meets the eye.

In fact, so much more that we were skeptical as to whether any mortals could actually survive, much less live their hectic lifestyle.  Of course, we just had to find out for ourselves.  Listen in as we get the story on Emme and Bruce Porter.


EmmeGirls Elite Model Staffing is the vision and concept of CEO, Emme Porter, a former Miss Massachusetts and current Washington Capitals NHL Cheerleader, and a graduate of Boston University. Though the company now has nation-wide reach, she still takes a hand-on approach in the hiring, so clients are assured that all spokesmodels meet Emme’s extremely high standards for personality and intellect … ok, and looks too.

Emme Girls

But EmmeGirls isn’t just about pretty faces representing and marketing your business.  COO, Bruce Porter, Jr., has parleyed over eight years of experience in SEO, web services development, web design, and technical training skills into creating a formidable marketing company whose staff happen to have … pretty faces.

When a client signs on with EmmeGirls, they, their company and product, find avenues for marketing that they might never have found elsewhere, or in so pretty a package.

Bruce and Emme’s Video of the Podcast Interview


Bella Vita is the television ready reality tv show production of EmmeGirls Elite Model Staffing and the life of Emme Porter, Bella Porter and Bruce Porter, Jr.

Join us as we raise our beautiful daughter Bella, travel the world competing at international ice dancing championships all across Europe and staff and produce in-game entertainment at sporting events, runway fashion shows, trade show models, promotional modelsand CEO level spokesmodels from DC to Vegas.


Emme Porter

Emme Porter is a member of the Washington Capitals NHL Cheerleading squad called the Red Rockers returning for her third year.  Her likeness has appeared in advertisements over 10 million times worldwide and she is the most recognizable Washington DC cheerleader. She has been featured in the Washington Post and ABC News.  Emme is former Miss Massachusetts, a graduate of Boston University, a professional ice skater and CEO of EmmeGirls Elite Model Staffing.  If that is not enought Emme is an International Ice Skating Champion and coach. She is a sex symbol, a mother and a savvy business woman.


Bruce Porter, Jr.

Bruce Porter, Jr. is the CEO of Social Networks Manager™ and the COO of EmmeGirls Elite Model Staffing. He has traveled the world competing as an international ice dancer, contracted information technology work with the US government, built social networking sites for businesses, and branded himself as the Social Networks Manager™. He uses social networks management and elite models for advertising and branding. He has competed at the US National Championships in ice dancing and twice competed at the European Figure Skating Championships in 2008 and 2009.


Bella Porter

Bella Porter is the the lovely child of Emme and Bruce Porter, Jr.  She was born on March 10, 2010 and has been a wonderful addition to the family.  The Porter’s take her everywhere and she is loved by all.

Emme Girls


Bella Vita TV


Social Network Manager


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