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STOP Your Divorce, Save Your Marriage

If you follow the gossip, you would think that couples fall into one of two categories; those who are divorced, or those who are heading for divorce.

The numbers are beyond staggering.  Somewhere near 50% of marriages fail, for one reason or another.  From Sandra and Jesse to William and Kate; Arnold and Maria and on and on.. why didn’t one work and how long will the other last.

For those enlightened, open-minded, and just plain savvy, who want to enhance, preserve, or save their relationship or marriage, there is help.

Statistically, only 25% who seek help, actually get help.  That is, unless they are fortunate enough to know of our guest, Dr. Dana Fillmore, who can claim a 75% success rate, which is so phenomenal that we to ask her to share her thoughts, tools and strategies with us. This is one of my favorite interviews and we had a lot of fun. come Listen in.

book Happily Ever After Dana Fillmore Amy BarnhartHappily Ever After

Dr. Dana Fillmore and Amy Barnhart have released their book Happily Ever After – How to be Happily Married to the One You Already Married.

Improve, revitalize and save your marriage!

Live happily after by following Dr. Dana and Amy’s Marriage Success System: A proven 7-week program to transform your marriage.

This book reveals the secret to finally feeling the ongoing devotion, love and connection that you hoped for when you said “I do.”

You’ll learn what it takes to be happily married, how to work together to build a beautiful future, how to end the fighting, how to effectively communicate, and how to ignite the fire in your sex life.

Psychologist, Dr. Dana Fillmore, has spent more than 15 years bringing countless couples from the brink of divorce to feeling passionately, deeply in love again. Now you too, can use her innovative methods to assess and strengthen your marriage. In this breakthrough book you’ll discover:

  • It’s normal to fall in and out of love in a long-term marriage
  • Why marriages fail and how to prevent that from happening to you
  • The potential dangers of traditional marriage counseling and how to protect yourself
  • How to avoid the cause of 70% of divorces — fighting over money and who does what in the marriage
  • The truth about men, women and sex and how to keep your partner from straying
Amy Barnhart Tia Carrere Dana Fillmore

Amy Barnhart – Tia Carrere – Dr. Dana Fillmore

Dr. Dana Fillmore

has helped hundreds of couples in her practice of over 15 years.

Dr. Fillmore’s success rate with married couples is three times the national average. Across the nation, only one in four couples who seek counseling stay together.

Three out of four of Dr. Fillmore’s couples stay together and have strong, thriving marriages.
Dr. Fillmore is known for being a clear, straightforward communicator. She knows what works for couples and isn’t afraid to tell it like it is.  Consequently, she teaches only the key concepts and skills that make a dramatic difference in a relationship. Dr. Fillmore dives right in and provides empowering and thought-provoking information quickly. Everything she teaches is “doable” and delivers immediate results.

StrongMarriageNow.com is an alternative to traditional marriage counseling, couples counseling, couples therapy or relationship counseling. StrongMarriage Now Systems dramatically improve relationships. Looking for Save Marriage How-To’s? Have you asked yourself “How Do I Save My Marriage?” Do you want to stop divorce? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re looking for solutions to your marriage problems or relationship problems or you just want some marriage advice, Dr. Dana and StrongMarriageNow can help you. The StrongMarriageNow System includes downloadable step-by-step exercises and a series of online videos that couples can watch privately on their computer.

Thanks for Improving My Marriage!

My wife said “That’s The Nicest Thing I’ve Seen in 33 Years.” — Bill M, Boca Raton, FL

Spending Time Together and Bonding Has Really Helped

— Miles and Beth – San Diego, CA

Thank you! Now, I can be graceful instead of angry and communicate with my husband.”

— Kathleen W – La Jolla, CA


was founded to help more couples have AMAZING marriages. The StrongMarriageNow System was designed to be straightforward and practical. The System provides the most important lessons that make a significant difference in relationships. Hundreds of couples were surveyed on their most important areas to improve in their relationship. Top areas included communication, spending time together, money issues and sex. The System includes 16 videos and 7 accompanying exercises dedicated to these topics.
All of the advice in the StrongMarriageNow videos is based on scientific research and Dr. Dana Fillmore’s experience. The skills and concepts have been proven effective in countless studies as well as in Dr. Fillmore’s practice.

Amy Barnhart

is the President & CEO of StrongMarriageNow.  Amy is especially passionate about saving marriages having because of growing up with literally 13 broken marriages in her immediate family.  Her mother was divorced 4 times, her oldest sister, 3 times, her next sister, 2 times, her brother twice and her father married three times, divorced twice.

She witnessed a pattern of marrying the same problems over and over again.  And, she felt the pain of so many broken relationships and vowed that when she married she would not follow in the foot-steps of her family.  She committed to staying married and learning what she needed to learn to be happily married.  Thankfully she found Dr. Dana and decided to partner with her to spread those skills to the general public so that more people could avoid the pain she witnessed growing up.

Fix Your Marriage Today

Get FREE Marriage Advice from Dr. Dana (3 Videos Included):
  Heard the words “not in love?” Discover how to feel the love
again in your marriage
  Get your partner checked back into your relationship
  Stop a divorce or avoid a separation
  Feel stuck? How to have a breakthrough
  Get past the pain and move forward

3 responses to “Dr Dana Fillmore – Strong Marriage Now

  1. Would you have a conference in New York City one day? I feel is needed. Please come to Manhattan. I am pretty certain all seats will fill up. Let us know. Thanks!

  2. Dear.Amy Dr.Dana,

    This is Emma villaluz who cancelled the program because my husband doesn’t want to fix our marriage.But I have friend who may needs who might needs this. ! Will tell to her about you.Iam proud of what your doing but an fortunately it doesn’t work to my family .Oops Iam crying again okey no more drama.

    best regards,

  3. I would like to purchase your program on DVD format. I am not accustomed to the internet download system. Is this possible. I will not copy your program.

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