Tina Loza – Legal Guide to Intellectual Property In the New Internet Frontier

Tina Loza of Loza and Loza Attorneys at LawInternet Law, has been dubbed “A New Frontier”

For Intellectual Properties Laws. It is very much wilderness, fraught with pitfalls and few, if any signposts.

If you have followed along with the various reports, blogs and articles, and there have been thousands of them; a few things stand out; the lawsuits against Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.  And while those lawsuits are working their way through the courts, through appeal after appeal, the rest of the Internet world waits and hopefully, learns.

But those cases will take years. The judgements will likely be complex and although they will set precedents and stand as guide markers, social media and Internet commerce must go on.

Being prolific networkers, avid social median participants and budding entrepreneurs, we just couldn’t wait until all of the maps were drawn, so we searched for a guide.

We spoke to, or had correspondence with a few dozen attorneys, all of whom were extremely professional and on top of their game. However, because the field is so relatively new, only one law firm, that we could find, had the combination of knowledge, experience, and expertise in the type of Internet law that we were looking for.

Christina S. Loza

has a breadth of experience working for a large firm and as in-house intellectual property counsel. Given Tina’s experience, she is adept at working on an intense case load as well as being sensitive to the needs and budget of small and mid-sized business that are growing and investing in their intellectual property portfolios. Tina is dedicated to providing high-quality services and personalized attention to her clients.

Tina has experience in all areas of intellectual property law including trademarks, patents, copyrights, trade secrets, domain name disputes, internet law, eBay dispute resolution, as well as, IP licensing, counseling, and litigation.

Loza and Loza

Loza & Loza

an Intellectual Property Group
is a full-service California intellectual
property law firm with attorneys

specializing in the following areas:

  • Patents
  • Trademarks
  • Copyrights
  • Internet Law
  • Technology Counseling & Licensing
  • IP Litigation
  • Trade Secrets
  • Ebay Disputes

They work closely with their clients to develop strong intellectual property portfolios, protect their ideas, trademarks, and slogans, and provide logical, straightforward solutions for all intellectual property issues. At Loza & Loza, they are committed to helping clients obtain rights to their revolutionary ideas and vigorously enforce these rights against infringers.

Call them for a Free Consultation at

Visit their website at http://lozaip.com


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  1. Cursory article. Horrible writing.

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