How to Be The Perfect Networker

How to Be The Perfect Networker by Ken Rochon

So who is Ken Rochon and what can he teach me about being the perfect networker? Well first he is the author of the book “Becoming The Perfect Networker”  Succeeding One Connection at a time.

Ken is a passionate doer. He is a great networker because it is impossible for him not to be one. Ken loves people and places and has to go to every place he hears about and meet as many as he can get to.

But Ken is not just excited about meeting others, he has taken the time to put the new social media to the test, by joining just about everything and trying everything else.

Ken’s book is an homage to his triumphs and failures and he shares all he has learned. Ken is about the Zen of Tao and his book gives exceptional down to earth advice on networking while also taking networking to an almost spiritual level.

Ken shares his love of graphics and print with his love of travel and people and has put together a complete guide to the universe of networking. He has not left anything out. Ken not only belongs to most of the important social networking sites, but he has his own rather successful site and he uses his site to preach and teach his style and method of networking that covers every inch of the web from blogging to social media, marketing and networking. Ken also seems to take everything to the next step.

The Perfect Networker Site

Perfect Networker is a community designed to help connect you with business professionals from all over the world!

We are a community of collaboration… an open network designed to facilitate the needs of its members. We encourage our members to connect with others, share ideas, refer business, generate support for a project, take an online conversation offline and build a relationship!

Perfect Networker is a community of business professionals committed to supporting each others’ success. Take the time to build valuable business relationships by connecting with the members here and your business will thrive!

Yes this book is crammed full of useful information and some that seems not to belong like a page of Universal Hand Signing, but as you get to know Ken you will get why this belongs in a networking book. Ken has taken the time to learn to say hello in a staggering amount of languages and has added them here for you to learn also.

Ken is eclectic, funny, brilliant and at times a bit crazy, but it is working for Ken and many others. Ken gets that networking is not about collecting lists of names or peoples cards, but don’t ever forget your card or Ken will probably roll his eyes at you.

Bob Schecter and I got the chance to talk with Ken about becoming the Perfect Networker and I have to say I am not sure we got to the point where we actually answered the question straight out, but we did get to the hear from the part of Ken that makes him a perfect networker. His love and concern for others. He is now part of a reality TV show called the “Goodfellas” where the participants were choosen because of their philanthropic natures.

Ken is Becoming The Perfect Networker and he can help you become one too.

Ken was late to the call, which sucked and I have to say it took me a minute to warm up to him, probably cause he was late, but we soon got on a rant and went too far in too many directions, but although we usually do a fair amount of cutting and editing to make sure these audio podcasts stay interesting, I decided to leave the conversation as is because I wanted the listener to make up their own minds.

I also left the first 15 or 20 minutes of the call where Bob and I were waiting for Ken as this stuff was very interesting, as we talked about upcoming and past shows and just had some fun.

If you get a moment you can also visit Ken at Ken is an avid photographer and you have to see his shots he has taken all over the world. I look forward to having another more pointed conversation with Ken.

We hope you enjoy this Networking Fools Audio Podcast Presentation, a Network Alchemists Production.

And don’t forget to check out Ken’s newest book, “How To Make Friends Around the World”.   It will teach you or your child how to speak 9 of the biggest languages in the World. They will never be the same when they can relate to so many. Sale price is $20 plus $5 shipping and handling. Order 2 and shipping and handling is FREE.


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