New Generation Motivation with John Leslie Brown

john leslie brownJohn Leslie “High Hopes” Brown son of Legendary Speaker Les Brown on New Generation Motivation

John-Leslie ‘High Hopes’ Brown is a motivational speaker and hip-hop artist who possesses a natural passion and charm aptly placed at the heart of his delivery. He travels nationally and internationally giving profound messages of inspiration to both young and mature audiences. ‘High Hopes’, is not just another nickname, but a philosophy. ‘H.I.G.H H.O.P.E.S.’ which is an acronym for a “Hip-hop Intellectual Going Higher Helping Other People Everywhere Soar”. This has become his life’s passion and mission.

Correspondent Lisa Schneiderman interviews John Leslie Brown

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During a recent conference Networking Fool Correspondent Lisa Schneiderman got a chance to talk about John’s work with helping kids, by using RAP music to inspire, motivate and give positive hope. John helps kids, but also is a great speaker himself. He has spent the last few years joining his father on stage to give his highly passionate message.

John Leslie Brown Album

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Born in Detroit, Michigan, John-Leslie presently lives in Los Angeles. He is the youngest son of the Emmy award-winning, world renowned motivational orator, author and television personality Les Brown. This is where John-Leslie first developed his passion for changing lives.

John-Leslie began his professional speaking career at the early age of 14, becoming the highest paid teen speaker in America, captivating audiences and targeting young people with speeches, songs and most importantly, his message: “Our lives will serve as either a warning or as an example.

John-Leslie has also been a community advocate and grassroots organizer. He solicited private donations from the celebrity community to pay for a charter bus to take local Los Angeles residents to Jena, Louisiana for the infamous “Jena 6” case. John-Leslie also volunteered as a teacher at Activities for Retarded Children (ARC), where he later became a full-time staff member. He also started a Teen Speakers Bureau in Los Angeles to help young adults develop their communication skills. In addition, he has participated in dozens of teen summits, spoken to hundreds of youth in juvenile facilities, performed in countless shows and have made numerous media appearances.

John-Leslie Brown is also the author of the E-book “II Live Your Dreams” and has produced 10 motivational CDs that have been sold worldwide. Brown, along with his sister Ona and their father Les, comprise the internationally acclaimed First Family of Motivation.

Now 25-years-old, John-Leslie is already considered a staple in the self-development industry being called upon to provide presentations, seminars and workshops for entrepreneurs, universities, church groups, leading corporations and organizations such as Amway Global, CEO Space, Herbal-Life, the Boys and Girls Club, the National Youth Achievers, UCLA and the NAACP. He has also shared the stage with such greats as the Dalai Lama, Richard Branson, Bob Proctor and Bishop T.D. Jakes.

With the ability to reach millions at his fingertips, John-Leslie is inspired to lead by example, consistently demonstrating a purposeful life filled with ‘giving back’ and making a unique impact.


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