Veterans Day Surprise for JW from LinkedIn

As the founder of a few groups on LinkedIn, I get to meet some great people and do so some great things.

My U.S. Veteran group on LinkedIn has over 9000 members and I have the fun and blessing of being able to send a thank you message every Veterans Day to thousands of veterans.

Every once in awhile the site helps vets find jobs or resources to help them through some very tough times. It is truely a great feeling to know that I may have a small part in helping a vet in need.

Today was very cool as I received a letter from LinkedIn letting me know that my US Veteran Group had been mentioned in their blog and a press release. My hope is that US Veteran gets a big boost in membership so we can become a force for good in getting veterans the help and respect they deserve.

Here are the Links… Please share them, Tweet them, Digg them and whatever else you know to do.

You could help us help a vet.

As US Navy veteran I am proud of my service and as a citizen of this great country I am proud of the men who put their life on the line for my freedom.


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