Do You Need The Flu Shot, Yearly Mammograms or DDT?

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Do You Need The Flu Shot?

I have rarely ever gotten a flu shot, but my wife has made me over the last few years. I am just too leary about these shots and I believe that the body is built to protect itself. I know there can be issues with uncontrolled viruses, but I am not sure the flu shot is the answer and it actually may be harmful.

Watch this video and decide for yourself. The sources on this video seem credible.


It now turns out that the information and studies about dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane were overblown and that if properly used was very safe and effective and could save thousands of lives… Just in case you are not sure what I am talking about when I mention dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane I will give you it’s acronym DDT. Surprised? Isn’t this major evil stuff that kills birds and fish, causes cancer and can make bird egg shells to thin to sustain conception? Yes it is.. except that the methods of testing were sometimes less than adequate and the findings overstated.

How about breast exams? Women do have to be tested every year right. Early detection saves lots of lives right?

Self Exams:

(WebMD) Doing a breast self-exam doesn’t improve breast cancer survival, and it makes biopsies of benign breast lumps more likely.

That’s according to an updated review of research on breast self-exams and breast cancer survival.

The updated review, published in the Cochrane Library, is in line with the findings from the original review, published in 2003.

“We would like to inform women that there is no evidence from two large studies that screening by regular breast self-examination (once a month) improves their chances of surviving breast cancer, whereas there is evidence that regular breast self-examination almost doubles their risk to undergo a biopsy,” reviewer Jan Peter Kosters, MD, of the Nordic Cochrane Centre, tells WebMD via email.


New studies show many issues with mammograms, their effectiveness and the yearly doses of radiation are more dangerous in the long run

I am not saying that because one thing may not be true, that all things are not, but it has to make you question the supposed truth. I go back to the story of the mother who cuts both ends of the ham off…

One day a young girl watched her mother prepare a ham for Thanksgiving dinner.
“Mom, why did you cut off both ends of the ham?” the daughter asked.
“Because my mother always did,” said the mother.
“But why?”
“I don’t know-why don’t you call Granny and find out why.”
So the daughter called Granny and asked her. “Granny, when you prepared your hams for baking, why did you always cut off both ends?”
“My mother always did it,” said Granny.
“But why?”
“I don’t know-why don’t you call your Great-grandmother and ask her?” So the daughter preceded to telephone Great-grandmother to inquire why traditionally her family always cut off both ends of a ham before cooking it.
“Great-grandma, when you prepared your ham for baking, you always cut off both ends-why?”
“Well,” Great-grandma said, “the pan was too small.”


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