9.5 Blog Writing Tips for Nimrods Like Me

First I have no clue how to write, I do not know all the blog etiquette and have been spanked by a few professional bloggers so the first tip I will give you is to learn from someone that knows something.

These are tips I have either taken from others or found out on my own, but the help me and I hope they can help you too.

  1. keyboardDo some Googling, buy a book or go to a class on blogging if you really want to excel. If you just want to get by read on.
  2. You are allowed to screw up, and make mistakes. We all have and if you are not a great writer just getter done.. and don’t worry whether the local literary club is critiquing your work. Believe me that probably have nothing else to do on a Friday or Saturday night..
  3. Have a point. If you publish a blog post then others may read it and it is so much more fun for the reader if there is a point. Don’t let yourself go off on too many tangents. Save tangents for new blogs. A great way to start or come up with content for your post is to turn your point into a question and answer it.
  4. Get to the point right away and then expand on it. You can start with the title as the title is the commercial for your blog so it should pique interest and tell something about what the person is going to read about or get out of the blog post. Also give away the plot in the first paragraph if you can as people have the attention span of a gnat. You can then expand on the story as you go.
  5. You should stick to subject matter that is relevant to your site, business etc…, but people do have other interests other than work. If you have a product site you may want to stick to the subject of your product, but it is sometimes good to step out of the box and treat people like humans by adding some more personal or interesting stories that the reader can relate to.
  6. Short paragraphs of not over 3 or 4 lines is best. Readers seem to do better reading short paragraphs.
  7. Blogs do not need to be long. You can blog a couple of paragraphs if you wish. It is not important to write long blogs as long as you have a point and make it.
  8. Bullet Points instead of commas, make any writing more scannable and readable.
  9. Speak with your readers, not at them. The Internet has turned marketing on it’s head and we have discovered that taking the time to relate to your audience as opposed to trying to teach or convince them of something is much more desirable way to get the point across.
  10. Interview yourself to get great content. You can also have someone else interview you and record it. Then you can listen back to it and type it out to get your post.

Other stuff… (Bonus Stuff)

Don’t have over 10 points… Good advice for a blog, but you need 25 to 101 for a book.

According to HubPages – Too many promotional links = Newbie Mistake and Too much personal content that is only relevant to people close to you or is private joke with yourself = Newbie Mistake

Call to action – Yes and No.. You do need to, in some circumstances, want a call to action by asking them to comment that could be simple or you might go as far as to ask them to sign up and buy from you etc., but be careful you should give someone more meat than marketing. Sometimes you just have to give without receiving.

Yes Ask for the Sale.. but also… Ask your readers about what they want. That is the best call to action.

Here is my call to action: Tell me if this blog was good for you. Oh baby.. and give us your best tips you have learned about blogging.

JW Najarian

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