Visiting Reno

My wife and I decided to see some snow for the holidays while doing some business so I have decided to come up to Reno, NV to meet with one of my vendors and look at a new franchise opportunity that wants to expand overseas and a financial investment opportunity to help with additional funding. Lots to do and there is snow on the ground as it is around 34 degrees here during the day.

Had a phone meetings with CREDAA legal advisors today about company structure and some questions we had around that.  Good meeting.

Right now I am sitting in the backlot of a Dodge dealership whatching my buddy prove the business duplicability, if that is a word.  Then we will be off to lunch to munch on Jimboys Tacos…..  Great tacos that are different mainly because of the way they are cooked.  They deep fry the corn tortilla shell in oil…. No big change there, but then they dip the, still oily, shell into powdered parmesian cheese. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm Gooooood.

JW Najarian


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