Internet Citadel Video Show with Gary W. Goldstein on branding

Morning Journal 12/02/09

I am starting a new daily journal to get the blogs moving. It seems I always have a lot to say, but never get around to saying it.

I was honored, last night, to be asked to introduce my wonderful friend Gary W. Goldstein on the Citadel Video show at Gary is well known as the producer of films like “Pretty Woman”, Mothman Prophecies”, Under Seige I and II” and many other films. I know Gary as a friend, mentor and business partner.

Gary is a brilliant story teller, speaker and author and it is a thrill to have been given the chance to introduce him and to also be asked to stay on the show and add commentary.

It’s so funny, if you know me than you know that I am never shy for something to say or comment on. I was so quiet on the show however. At one point the host had to ask me to chime in. I was listening to Gary and was so enthralled in what he was talking about; I had nothing brilliant to add.

I sat through most the interview like a lump of coal. I did get a chance to ask a couple of good questions.

Brian Kelly the host of Internet Citadel, has also become a good friend as of late. We met through another dear friend Jerry Conti at a seminar in San Diego and have kept in touch.

Brian is one of those Internet Marketing Geniuses who knows how to use the technology and has put together a great guide on Twitter called Twitter Performance.

Kathy Stover, Brian’s co-host has been successful in Network Marketing and is a professional affiliate marketer. Kathy has a sharp wit and her extensive marketing background, humorous style and warm attractive nature make her the perfect co-host.

You can catch the show and Internet Citadel’s archived shows at

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