The Best Opportunity Ever!

I am not kidding!  If you have ever tried to put together a network marketing business you know how tough it can be.

First MLM or network marketing is really one of the easiest and least expensive methods of starting your own business.  You refer to others a product or service and you get paid for the referring sale!  You not only get paid for the referring sale, but you get paid for every sale after that for that client.  You also get paid for every sale that is made by anyone your new member brings in and every new member they bring in and on and on.  Very nice.

OK so what is the hard part or downside?  You have to get people to join you and train them.  MLM works on the idea of duplicating and leveraging your efforts, by teaching the person you bring in to do what you have just done.  Anotherwords.. you bring in a few people and you teach your member to bring in a few people and they teach their people to bring in a few people.  This all sounds very easy on first glance, but if you have ever worked an MLM business you find out quickly that this can be harder than it sounds.

You get a lot of NO’s and it is hard for many to approach their friends and family with opportunities.  They all know you and all the other stuff you got into that didn’t work.  They may not be as excited as you about the potential.  OK so maybe you will just tell other people and when you are successful your family and friends will have to listen to you.  OK time to make that cold call or introduce your opportunity to a stranger….  Wow the phone can become a 10 ton weight.  Strangers think you are strange as you try to oversell your product and you get tongue tied when they ask some tough questions.  You love your product and believe in the opportunity, but every time you try to explain it to someone, they either don’t get it or you feel like you came off too preachy on insincere.  Face it, if someone from an MLM company comes into a room, it can clear the room rather quicly as everyone knows that a hello from you will lead to an overexcited sales pitch. It can be a daunting ritual.

Many believe they can learn to sell and spend tons of money on sales courses, NLP, mirroring and objection handling techniques.  9 out of 10 people suck or hate selling so this is not so great either for them or for their downlines they are trying to teach.  Their downlines don’t want to sell and many times they have been lured to the opportunity with promises that they will not have to sell, but just share the opportunity.

OK so now you learn how to listen to your prospect and find out what they want and deliver it. You find out that it is easier to talk to someone about your product or opportunity once you truly take the time to get to know them.  OK now you are starting to get the hang of this.  Problem is you have now lost 90% of your downline to attrition and you have to start from scratch.  Many will not make it this far and too many give up before they learn how to share.

What is the answer?  How would you like to completely automate the process?  I am not just talking about buying or building a landing page and sending your link to thousands of people on a list to get 1% of 1% return on the list. Noooo I am talking about hiring someone to work your list for you.  Yes, you find someone that is good at sharing and give them your list.  They do all the heavy lifting and you just go find more people to add to the list.  How about the same person that works your list for you has fully opted-in lists for sale…  OK now you don’t even have to build the list!  Now this could work.

If you are getting excited you should be because it just gets better and better.  Humanity Unites Brilliance (HUB) is a new ground floor MLM opportunity.  This is a good thing as the positive buzz about new MLM companies usually skyrockets growth.  HUB is new and is based on the concept of using the MLM engine to sustain the giving process.  What does this mean?  HUB sells business, personal and spiritual empowerment products for some of the worlds most influential growth and self help leaders and offers them via the network marketing model of distribution.  You can buy and sell products that help empower people and that will make you feel good as you are offering products that help people.  These products help people and you make money selling and referring them, but this is not all.  HUB uses 40% of the proceeds to help feed, educate, get fresh water to and give micro loans to thousands of the poverty stricken around the world.  HUB gave a whooping 1.2M in sustainable aid out this last year.

HUB is truly a new paradigm in global giving.  So you help the world, empower others and make money doing it.  Not too shabby.

What about the automatic part?  A company called GPN has now made available their years of expertise and tools to help you build your build your organization larger than you could ever do on your own.  GPN will handle prospecting, Product Presentations, Sales Closing and Business Management.  GPN has taken HUB and built a truly “Out-of-the-Box” ready to go business solution for those that want to build a residual income and help the world move from survival, to empowerment, to sustained abundance.  GPN uses Nurture Marketing to speak to prospects and does not cold call pitch them with aggressive sales techniques.

I believe HUB and this program can change your life.  It is worth the effort to check it out.  I invite you to take a look at what has been put together to make it possible to eliminate poverty and make you successful in network marketing and in your life.

Go to and check it out.  Whether you decide to join this program you should learn what Humanity Unites Brilliance is all about as they are dedicated working to change the world.

JW Najarian


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