As recently as 3 or 4 months ago I sent everyone on my list an invitation to join I want to apologize for that action. I have had many send me remove me letters about this site resending the invitation over and over. I was also not accepted as a member, but that did not stop them from resending the requests to my friends.

They first wanted my tax data to prove the amount of money I said I made. No Way Jose….. They did promise that if I got 5 people to join I would be accepted. This seems bogus as you now may be talking to someone of non affluence that happened to get some other affluent people to join? Things that make you go Hmmmm?

I did get over 5 to join, but did not get accepted. I would guess that the other 6 refused to send their tax info in as well. I am looking for a way to delete my profile. I have tried to contact the company, but the Contact Us button does not work….

I do not recommend this site and ask that everyone who got an invitation from me please forgive me.

Kindest Regards,
JW Najarian


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