Memorial Weekend 2009

Published Originally – May 24th 2009

As a Navy Vet I have always had a soft spot in my heart for servicemen and their families. I love and respect anyone who lays their life on the line for me, my family, our security and our freedoms.

It seems that all agree that the servicemen of past and present are not treated and or held in the reverence they should be. Not all are willing to do much about it, however. It so seems like a shame that banks were bailed to the tune of hundreds of billions, but other domestic and long time issues like our servicemen and their families have never been addressed, though many may have been eliminated with 100’s of millions or 10’s of billions much earlier.

On this Memorial Day I want to take a moment to recognize veterans past, present and future and thank them for being there for us. Thank them for putting us first and hoping that we take a minute to donate to one of our favorite veterans charities to put the serviceman first for a change.

All veterans have so much to be proud of and can hold their heads up high for they are our mighty warriors who protect and serve with honor and a devotion that is only understood by other soldiers, sailors and airmen.

A special thank you to every person who has given their lives for the freedom and security of their fellow. Let us not allow one life to go unremembered and un-honored as each life was given separately by each person.

Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy what the military veteran has won and and has provided for each of us.

JW Najarian
US Navy Veteran
Naval Aerospace Medical Research Lab
USS Leftwich DD-984
1976 – 1981


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