Grand Wailea – Day 4


I was going to write a blog entry every day of our trip…. Oh well. We have been so busy that I am too tired to spend anytime writing. My emails are stacking up big time.

We yesterday we went up to Haleakalah Crater. We started at the Kula Lodge…. Best Bacon Burger around. This is the place where in July a friend of mine, who was talk by the Hawaiian elders in the spirit of Aloha, She came from Oahu to do a HUB talk and I was fortunate enough to be able to also speak there. The next day she took me to the Kula Lodge and brought me through an acient ceremony teaching me the ways of Aloha and allowing me to see the world in a much different way.

The botanical gardens there are very cool and there is an outside fireplace they use to cook pizzas. Also have a great gift shop and flower shop.

The crater was awesome. I had been there in 1978 and was very impressed. Little has changed and it is one of the must do things on the island. If you are really daring you can go at 2am and watch the sunrise over the volcano as well as ride a bike down. The summit is 10,023 ft and you don’t want to run around too much while you are there.

We ended with dinner at Momma’s Fish house in Pa”ai and what an awesome meal it was. The town shuts down at 6pm and there is a lot of shopping there so go a little early. I saw an old friend Chealsea at Momma’s she works there… very cool… She gave me a chocolate treat to welcome me to the island.

This moring I jogged for 1/2 hour, worked out at the gym, and snorkled out a 1/4 mile and filmed a sea turtle.

Now we are driinking strong cocktails and eating burgers poolside…. I hate that I have to leave…



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