Poolside at the Grand Wailea Day One

85 degrees with a cool breeze from offshore. I am sitting in my cabana looking out towards Molakini where the tourists love to go on day boats to snorkel. I am at the top pool so I have to go down 3 or 4 water slides and swim accross several pools to get to the in the water bar… Very nice. Yes I can order drinks to my cabana, but what fun is that.

I actually worked on some CREPIG stuff today between trips to the beach. BTW you can get out of the pool and you are about 100 or so feet to the ocean… Nice.

We were here in July and it was so clear and nice. This time it is a bit breezier and more hazy, but still can’t beat it.

The flight on Delta was great. The plane was clean and the service was first class… Oh yes we flew first class. I watched Yes Man and some other movie with Adam Sandler about kids stories. I love the message of Yes Man as it talks about saying yes to life and it’s possibilities without fear. OK you will have fear, but you don’tet it stop you.

I am going to swim to the bar. I will be back soon.



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