Waterproof Camera and Watch for Hawaii

I am leaving for the beautiful island of Maui to stay at the Grand Wailea for a few days.  I have business with some real estate and my network marketing business.  If you are in Maui and want to meet send me a message or call my office.

I was looking for a water proof watch and found a water proof camera too.

First I just lost over 35 pounds, as last time I went I was overweight and didn’t want to take off my shirt nor was I able to do too much physical stuff. I am looking and feeling better. My plan is to loose another 20 which will put me around 165. I did get up to 225 Argh!

I will fill you in on the details at another time.  For the curious I was using the Kevin Trudeau diet and loved it.

OK what does this all have to do with a camera and watch?  Patience my ADHD friend….  Last time I was in Maui I kept the swimming down, but decided to do some snorkling and my water proof watch took on water and died!  I had just got another expensive WP watch fixed for water damage so I had taken a less expensive watch with me.  I was looking at the Timex Explorer which takes a licking and keeps ticking, but my wife will not let me where a geek watch.

Well I plan to do much more swimming this time, with my new lighter weight body….


citizen WR 300 eco driveI believe I have found the answer and have picked up the Citizen WR 300 Eco-Drive watch.  This watch looks great, works great and at 300M is pretty much a dive watch for relaxed diving.  I already love Eco-Drive watches as I have many automatics and battery type watches that need constant attention.

The Eco Drive needs a bit of sun here and there… Big Whoop.


camera olympus 550wp blackI also found the newest ultimate snorkling and swim toy…. The Olympus Stylus-550WP WaterProof Digital Camera. Good for diving to around 10ft for up to 1 hour… Whoa….

This camera rocks for so many more reasons then it is waterproof. 10MP, 1600ASA, Panorama, many movie and picture modes including candlelight. It has a 2.5″ screen which is essential for a camera as far as I am concerned. I hate the small screen jobs. It also has memory on board so you don’t have to get a SD card, but don’t be crazy… Get the biggest card you can find.

Here is the official Olympus Page info:

camera olympus 550wpDive in with the camera that goes anywhere. The waterproof, sporty STYLUS-550WP is one camera you won’t need to handle with care. It’s built to survive whatever you can dish out – the pool, the game, or even the beach. If you are the type that is always on the go, this camera can keep up.

A revolutionary system of waterproof seals and gaskets keeps water out so you can take pictures as deep as 10 feet underwater.

Automatically identifies the scene you’re shooting — portrait, landscape, night portrait, macro, or sport — and adjusts the settings to optimize results.

Tracks up to twelve faces and automatically focuses and optimizes exposures for sharp, brilliant portrait pictures.

With high ISO sensitivity and faster shutter speeds you can freeze the action to capture sharp, blur-free images even if you or your subject is moving.

Nobody gets the perfect shot all the time, but now you can correct shooting mistakes instantly with the touch of a button. Use Perfect Fix to lighten up shadows and remove red-eye so a less-than-perfect shot can still turn out perfect!

It does have a special underwater setting that will make underwater pics nice. Most UW shots are always very blue..

I also picked up the optional silicon skin which makes it very cool…

I will blog and Twitter from the Beach….



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