Seeing Light at the End of the Twitter Tunnel

I have been laboring over what to do with Twitter and was just about to chuck in the towel when my friend Gary returned my call about his new website  Not to change the subject, but if you are looking for new stuff on business and personal development and how to gain success in the real world you need to check out Gary.


Why Gary? You ask?  Gary W. Goldstein is the co-producer of one of the world’s best known mega movie hits “Pretty Woman”.  He also produced other movies like “The Mothman Prophecies“, “Under Seige” and many others.  He came to Hollywood without knowing anything about the movie business and in his work he explains how he broke in and how you can use the lessons he learned to create success in your own life.  Gary has been one of my mentors for the last couple of years and I have to say that his stories and relevant ways of dealing with life and what it can throw at you; have helped me immensely.


I know it sounds like I veered off my Twitter story completely, but it all comes full circle.  You see I called Gary to comment on his new website which is really shaping up nicely.  We joked about some of the funny comments he had recently made on Twitter and I recounted my dilemma that I could not figure this bugger out.


Twitter to me was useless and ridiculous.  Everyone twitting into thin air.  It looks like everyone is writing, but no one is reading so who gives a crap?


Well I can only guess that Gary shook his head, since we were on the phone I couldn’t see him.  Gary then proceeded to take me down the Twitter tunnel with the promise of light at the end.


He started explaining and re-tweets, auto-follow / un-follow, tweet later,, Twitpic and many other programs that boost the power and usability of Twitter.  Dare I say I started seeing some light!  This whole Twitter mess started to have some meaning after all.


I can’t say that I am out of the tunnel by any means, but I am, at least in it and moving forward.


My question to you is can you help me get the rest of the way through?  How can I use Twitter to meet more people, not just add names to my list?  How can I use Twitter to promote my membership site  How can I use Twitter to promote my network marketing business


I would like to thank Gary once again, as he is always a great friend, mentor, ally and champion of my causes.


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